Is there a complete unlimited format?

Hello, I’m using this site and platform for quite a long time and I was planning to play a Cube draft on this site with friends. The thing is, I’m using cards from HGSS to Sword and Shield and when we were making decks, we noticed that unlimited doesn’t include cards past a certain point in Black and White and that there is no other format available to play cards from HeartGold SoulSilver - Vivid Voltage.

Did we look at the wrong thing? Is there a way to play all cards available on your site in a format playable with friends? If not, is there plans to include a way to play all cards in the Pokémon TCG’s history (available on this site) or at least HGSS and on in the future? Thanks and sorry if we did not found something that already existed

full unlimited isnt in yet.
there are plans to implement it soon.