Is anyone still doing this//I wrote a thing!

First of all; I’d like to say hi! This project really interests me. I would like to contribute to what you’re doing.

Are you gonna add fairy?

I wrote a list of classifications for a format like this; What do you think?

Prop 15 is disgusting
Create a viable unlimited Base-Neo format

Keeping to the format's core values.
	Create poweful trainer cards
	Relatively low HP/Damage.
	Reliance on synergy and Tech.
	Try not to limit or ban cards.
		Professors aren't limited to 4
	No basic Metal or Dark energy cards.
Overall reduction on the reliance of luck where needed.
	Fully subtractive coin-flips will be edited to increase their reliability.
		Chaos Gym is reduced to once per turn.
		Slowking is reduced to once per turn
		Pokeball effect modified
	More fun effects will be kept hopefully.
Emphasis on decks having a number of different Pokemon.
	Alterations will lean towards the more technical side.
Balancing networks of strategies checks and counters.
	Some new cards have been created.
	Pokemon Powers and Pokebodies are different.
Bringing the Base-Neo format up to speed with some new mechanics.
	EX/GX/Tag-Team as well as other mentioned Pokemon card types will be edited to make them fit.
	Fairy-Type Added
		Some Pokemon and Colourless symbols have been changed to Fairy.
		A Basic Fairy Energy has been added.
	Dragon-Type Added
		Some Pokemon and Colourless symbols have been changed to Dragon.
	Some Pokemon altered to accomodate newer cards.
	Some Pokemon altered to make them actually usable.
		Crystal Pokemon mechanic will be re-written
		Useless Unowns will be rewritten
		Useless lines will be rewritten
Simpifying similar mechanics
	Level X, Level-Up, ex, and BREAK are all now Level-Up cards.
	Rocket's and Dark Pokemon are now Dark Pokemon.
	Pokemon SP, *, Legend and Prism Star are all now "Guest" Staged evolutions (They cannot evlove into Stage 1)
	Owner's TM cards don't need to be attatched to an owner's Pokemon
	Basic Pokemon that can evolve cannot be an owner's Pokemon in most cases.

Forgive me I was half asleep

Pretty sure no fairy since they’re only using types from that time period.

makes sense

I’m interested in overhauling the format with altred mechanics

Yeah; after actually thinking about it; I decided to start an audit of every card from Base Set by editing their card effects to try and bring them to a more “Base-Neo-Like” scale numerically (With a few changes to make gameplay smoother). This would have to include a reworking of some of the cards, rules and mechanics.

Think more like “Advanced DnD” in comparison to traditional “Dungeons and Dragons” if you will.

I’ll write the audit in another post; I feel it’s gonna be long and it needs it’s own title.

Hi, with the new way of editing formats and ways to contribute to the development process, this could become a reality if you complete all pieces of the card addition process of TCG ONE regarding your new format and cards. Tell me if you are willingful enough to pursue it.

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