Inceneroar's ability

@admin I have no idea how to implement this. Adding the damage seems easy enough but I have no idea how to check if the ability has been used before in a turn. I’ll add a comment where the check should be but I’m adding a post here also so it doesn’t get forgotten.

Well are there any other cards that can only be applied once. Like venusaur’s jungle totem or gardevoirs psychic mirage ability. Maybe those can help. Cuz they say the ability can only be applied once. But it is always beng applied while with incineroar you choose when to apply it.

Thanks! I had’t thought of venusaur’s jungle totem. The only examples that came to mind were the gen 2 unown and they weren’t in the repo. Ill take a look

Np. Good luck implementing it.

Hi @Mt.gufo I just saw this topic and I’ve already implemented it last week, check it out.