Improvements to game hosting & matchmaking system


I am thinking to do some improvements on game start (host/join) and matchmaking semantics and need some ideas. The current system allows queueing for some game modes and auto starting the match. However, as not many players are playing the game, this causes a visibility issue as your willing to play a game is not noticed by the online players.

In short, players are unable to:

  • Know what others have queued so that they can join immediately
  • Play old quickplay formats without sending a challenge, which is somewhat hidden in the UI
  • Host a game and share its link somewhere else for strangers/friends to join

I am evaluating some options ranging from simple ones to advanced ones. A basic solution would be to include a list of open queues right at the queue panel. This might increase the incentive to play.

What are your thoughts on this issue? What might we do to increase the engagement?

Please feel free to share how should the interface look with your suggestions.

  1. Limit that to to quickplay. Sometimes people want to test decks among friends and while the current system allows invites, it’s just easier for people to click a match to join. Perhaps even a password lock. For career though this becomes exploitable and people can pick and choose certain opponents and worsen the current situation.

  2. See above, agree with that wholeheartedly.

  3. Might be cool, again for quickplay. But the deck selection has to be kept up to date with the most common things run in the formats.

There should be a message saying “Someone is waiting for an X Format game” Where X is the chosen format. It will save us having to keep writing “Career queued” or “Standard/ Expanded” queued in the lobby chat.

The name should remain hidden, as dakingotu says, it could be exploitable as if it says “DKQuagmire is queued for a Gen 1 Career game”. If someone see’s my name, and they don’t want to fight me, then they can’t play the gen 1 mode of career. But by replacing the players name with “Someone”, they will be more likely to join the match.

of course players will still write in the lobby chat that they are queued regardless. thats never gonna change.

Maybe there could be request options. kind of like how the send a challenge feature works at the moment. For example, you can request to fight someone in particular. You will still be normal queued for a game, but only that person can join your game.

Closing this topic as those features had already been implemented a long time ago.

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