Improved Base-Gym Guide with Accessible Link

Sorry for the two previous link attempts.



This is some very interesting guide, thanks for sharing, will give it a look

Thank you! My post was pretty far down on the list of recent topics and I’m glad you are taking the time to look at it. Overall it took me about 2 months on and off.

Dude. I’ve been reading that for quite a while now. I love it. It’s helped me improve my Gen 1 skills/knowledge. Can you add a part at the end of decklists called possible tech cards? Ty. So we can improve them too. But you’re awesome. Someone shared it with me before when I started gen 1 and it was awesome. :slight_smile:

I’m glad it was able to help. I never thought about adding a tech section, that sounds like a great idea that I will be sure to implement in the future! Also, thanks for the feedback. Many people read it and tell me how helpful it was to them which is good, but don’t really contribute constructive critism to make it better. Since writing the guide, I’ve switched to playing a lot more Magic the Gathering rather than Pokemon, but I still very much enjoy Gen 1 metagame.

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Started the grueling process of adding an “Other Options” section to each archetype. Would love to have other community members contribute deck lists and strategy write-ups for archetypes 3.1 and 3.2. Contact me on the forums if you are interested!

Did TCGONE get rid of the Gen1 career mode? I can’t see it in the dropdown list. Not a fan of playing dark and gym cards

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“Gen 1” got renamed to Base-Gym, indicating the legal sets within the Gen 1 format.