Import Deck with Apostrophes

I can’t seem to find a way to get the import tool to parse apostrophes correctly. This isn’t an issue for most cards, but it is a nightmare for gym heroes/challenge decks. Any lines with an apostrophe aren’t parsed at all and are not included in the right hand column of cards after clicking parse.

Here is an example of what I’m trying to import:

3x Brock’s Ninetales
4x Brock’s Vulpix
3x Misty’s Gyarados
1x Dark Blastoise
1x Poliwrath
4x Chansey
2x Erika’s Dratini
4x Professor Oak
3x Computer Search
3x Item Finder
3x Brock’s Protection
3x Energy Removal
2x Super Energy Removal
2x Potion
2x Gust of Wind
2x Nightly Garbage Run
1x Lass
1x Brock’s Training Method
1x PlusPower
1x Narrow Gym
12x Water Energy
2x Double Colorless Energy

I have bolded the cards that don’t show in the list (anything with Brock’s or Misty’s, etc.) I have tried escaping the apostrophe with quotes or a slash, but nothing seems to work. My workaround is to delete the apostrophe and all text after it.

However, I was hoping somebody can show me what I’m missing.

I’ve noticed some issues with importing too. Gust of Wind from Base Set seems to not be recognized when you put the set and number in.