Implementing Unified Minds

@developers : Unbroken Bonds came/will come out quite late on TCGOne. I know this makes the players unhappy and sometimes angry but we have to respect all of your efforts. The next set will be Unified Minds. We already know most of the cards that will be in Unified Minds, so once you guys are finished implementing Unbroken Bonds can you look at and try to start implementing some of the Unified Minds cards? I know that the text changes from Japanese to English, but you can still get most of the attacks and effects. Then you just have to wait for the English translations to arrive with images, make the corrections, and release the set. This would most likely make us all happy because you can possibly release it even before it officially is released. Unified Minds’s official release date is August 2, 2019.

Wow lol. Still not coming out until august. Plus the translations could be incorrect. They should wait until they have english scans, which they’ll also need for the card images.


Dear @Mattyboy21

I rely on other internet sources for retrieval of structured card information to prepare implementation templates.

This way the coding becomes super easy because all necessary fields have already been filled.

These sources only release card information after its English release because they rely on official English sources also.

To be able to code japanese cards we need these souRces to follow japanese sources. Or write a completely new parser or crawler that recognize other japanese sources.

Even if that was possible, we then need to fix the mistranslations or misinterpretations when english set is released.

In practice, this is not possible for me to do.


Hello , just wanted to say thank you for your amazing effort in this

Even if unb came late, most of us can appreciate the workload you get for us to play