Implementations and Ideas for TCG ONE Achievements and RS Promo cards implementations

Edit: Added ideas for Ruby and Sapphire Promos at the bottom.

At the moment in career there is no way to obtain any of the following cards.

Electabuzz WBSP 2 (Collect all Vending Machine cards)
Eevee WBSP 11 (No Achievement)
Mewtwo WBSP 14 (Indigo Champion)
Pikachu WBSP 26 (Collect all Legendary Collection cards)
Togepi WBSP 30 (Collect all Southern Islands cards)
Hitmontop WBSP 37 (No Achievement)
Pokemon Center WBSP 40 (Collect all Base Set 2 cards)
Pokemon Tower WBSP 42 (No Achievement)
Celebi WBSP 50 (No Achievement)

So this is a list of changes I would make to ensure that some of these promo’s become available to all players. More specifically the ones with no achievement at all.
A quick note however, that Admin/ axpendix has not implemented Pokemon Tower into the database. But if it does in the future the below idea’s should help.

Implementation of cards with no achievements

Eevee WBSP 11: “Signs of Eeveelution” Obtain 5 different evolution pokemon, that evolve from Eevee (Not including pokemon with an owner’s name, Dark or Light in their names).
Eevee from Black Star Promos (Wizards)
This achievement should be simple enough. Just obtain 1 of each Eeveelution. (Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon and Umbreon). I added the last part about not including Dark or Light or owners Pokemon, because those Eeveelutions where uncommon cards. Since the Eevee promo is holo, it would make sense that you should obtain rare varieties of each Eeveelution. For this quests achievement, you should not need to obtain the holo jungle Eeveelutions, nor the holo neo Discovery Eeveelutions. The non holos will be fine. (since the Holo Jungle Eeveelutions can not be assembled with ink).

Hitmontop WBSP 37: “Let it rip” Retreat a pokemon 10 times in one game.
Hitmontop from Black Star Promos (Wizards)
This achievement is based of the Bayblade series and how Hitmontop kinda resembles a spinning top/ Bayblade. Hence the name of the achievement. I thought of how it attacks by hitting an opponent then retreating and hitting again, which is where I got the inspiration for retreating several times in one match. I was going to have a “do this or that with hitmonchan/ hitmonlee/ hitmontop” kind of achievement. But I kind of like this one better. It should be worth noting that cards that force retreating should also count towards this achievement. Either by an attack or a trainer card too. Some examples: Switch. Gust of wind (from your opponent’s side). Warp Point. Double Gust. ex Sandstorm Dunsparce Strike and run.

Pokemon Tower WBSP 42: “6 feet under” Discard 6000 cards.
Pokémon Tower from Black Star Promos (Wizards)
This was a bit of a stretch, but since the pokemon tower stadium prevents you from getting cards back from the discard pile (meaning dead forever basically) and that in the Pokemon games, Pokemon Tower was a place for ghost pokemon to hang out, I thought “Why don’t we have an Achievement for putting cards into the discard pile/ graveyard (as it’s called in other games like Yu-Gi-Oh). The number of cards to be discarded can be changed to whatever seems fit. But I choose 6000, because it goes with the number 6, as in 6 feet under (the standard for how deep a grave should be dug). As i mentioned earlier, this card has not been implemented on the TCG ONE website yet. But this is an idea for an achievement unlocking if the card is ever implemented in the future.

Celebi WBSP: 50: “Pokemon 4Ever” Collect all BEST cards.
Celebi from Black Star Promos (Wizards)
The BEST cards was a sort of mini promotional set that Wizards of the Coast released around the time of the E-card series sets. The set contains only 9 cards, but 5 of those cards are reprints of older cards with a special reverse holo print. (Worth noting that Base Set Hitmonchan was reprinted with 60 HP). The reason why I chose “Collect all BEST cards” as the achievement goal, to go with this Celebi promo, was because The Celebi Promo is promoting the 4th Pokemon Movie, Pokemon 4 Ever. 2 of the cards in this mini set feature “Rocket’s Pokemon”, Rocket’s Sneasel and Rocket’s Scizor, with the main villain from the movies face, to the side of the images, and both pokemon appear in the movie. Not a single one of these cards from this mini set is in the TCG ONE sites database though, so I doubt we’ll ever get them any time soon. I’ll leave a link to the page with these BEST Promos on.

If anyone would like to contribute some ideas to unlocking these achievements or changing them in any way please let me know. I still haven’t thought up an idea for WBSP Mewtwo 14 yet.

Ruby and Sapphire Promos
Looking through the original Ruby and Sapphire Promos there is a lot of promos for the starter pokemon as well as the first worlds promo cards. I have tried to piece together which promos fit each set. Mostly going down based on “That pokemon is in that set” or that “Pokemon fits that set”. But if any of these seem out of place. Let me know so I can change them.

Treecko from ex PromosTorchic from ex PromosMudkip from ex Promos

Collect all ex Ruby and Sapphire cards: “A new Start” Treecko BSP 16 + Torchic BSP 17 + Mudkip BSP 18

Ludicolo from ex PromosCollect all ex Sandstorm cards: “Desert Oasis” Ludicolo BSP 20

Flygon from ex PromosCollect all ex Dragon cards: “Dragon Born” Flygon BSP 25

Kyogre ex from ex PromosCollect all ex Team Magma VS Aqua cards: “Clash of the titans” Kyogre ex BSP 37

Beldum from ex PromosCollect all ex Hidden Legends cards: “New Discoveries” Beldum BSP 22

Pikachu from ex PromosCollect all ex Fire Red - Leaf Green cards: “Back to Kanto” Pikachu BSP 12

Meowth from ex PromosCollect all ex Team Rocket Returns cards: “Blasting off again” Meowth BSP 13

Jirachi from ex PromosCollect all ex Deoxys cards: “Outer Space” Jirachi BSP 21

Chimecho from ex PromosCollect all ex Emerald cards: “Battle Frontier” Chimecho BSP 24

Celebi from ex PromosCollect all ex Unseen Forces cards: “Back to Johto” Celebi BSP 29

Latios from ex PromosCollect all ex Delta Species cards: “The land of Holon” Latios BSP 15

Mew from ex PromosCollect all ex Legend Maker cards: “Birth of Legends” Mew BSP 40

Pikachu from ex PromosCollect all ex Holon Phantoms cards: “Holon Adventurer” Pikachu BSP 35

Whismur from ex PromosCollect all ex Crystal Guardians cards: “So Many Crystals” Whismur BSP 19

Typhlosion from ex PromosCollect all ex Dragon Frontiers cards: “Holon Legacy” Typhlosion BSP 34

Metang from ex PromosCollect all ex Power Keepers cards: “An Ever Grande adventure” Metang BSP 23

I have on a few sets achievements included multiple cards, since they both could either fit within that sets achievement, or i just can’t think of an achievement to go along with it down below. speaking of which here as some ideas for more Achievements on the site.

Other Achievement ideas for other black star promos.
Collect 10 Treecko cards: Treecko WSP 03
Collect 10 Torchic cards: Torchic WSP 08
Collect 10 Mudkip cards: Mudkip WSP 10
Win 10 games with Treecko in your deck: Treecko WSP 07
Win 10 games with Torchic in your deck: Torchic WSP 06
Win 10 games with Mudkip in your deck: Mudkip WSP 05
Evolve Treecko 10 times: Grovyle BSP 04
Evolve Torchic 10 times: Combusken BSP 09
Evolve Mudkip 10 times: Marshtomp BSP 11
Collect 50 ex Pokemon: Articuno ex BSP 32
Win a game by Koing 3 ex pokemon: Moltres ex BSP 31
KO 50 ex Pokemon: Zapdos ex BSP 33
Collect all Team Aqua’s Pokemon: Kyogre ex BSP 01
Collect all Team Magma’s Pokemon: Groudon ex BSP 02
Collect all Pokemon Star Star cards: Championship Arena BSP 28
Collect all Legendary Pokemon in the Pokedex: Suicune BSP 30
Pokemon Heroes: Put a Restored Pokemon into play 30 times: Latias BSP 14
Jirachi Wish Maker: Search you deck for any card using trainer cards 30 times: Groudon ex BSP 38
Destiny Deoxys: Collect all forms of Deoxys: Rayquaza ex BSP 39
Win 100 Worlds 2004 Format games: Tropical Wind BSP 26
Win 100 Worlds 2005 Format games: Tropical Tidal Wave BSP 27
Win 100 Worlds 2006 Format games: Tropical Tidal Wave BSP 36

Here is the link to the page where I got the images for these Ruby and Sapphire Promos. If anybody has any more ideas of what achievements to add and or change please let me know.


#HereComesPokemod :yum: :yum: :yum:

I will also be adding idea’s of how to unlock the Pokemon Black star promos for gen 3, very shortly. once i get around to uploading the images and assigning each card to a set completion or addition to the series.

I have made a start, by adding the promo cards to obtain for completing each Ruby and Sapphire set, as well as a few ideas for obtaining the other Ruby and Sapphire Promo cards.
I know we’ve only got up to ex Fire Red - Leaf Green at the moment on TCG ONE, but when the other sets are added, these achievements should help for that.

I would love to hear your guys thoughts on this matter and whether they could possibly be implemented onto TCG ONE.

Added Promo achievements based on the 3 movies “Heroes”, “Jirachi-Wish Maker” and “Destiny Deoxys”. Likewise I have changed the name for the achievement for Celebi WBSP 50, to coincide with, and fitting with the whole naming achievements after Movies to “4Ever”.

This of course has made me rearrange what promos would be unlocked for completing certain sets. some for the better. Since I no longer have to worry about sets which would of unlocked multiple promos at once (Since I ran out of ideas and they were kind of place holders until I could think up an idea)

Completing ex Team Aqua VS Magma now only gives you Kyogre ex BSP 37, instead of both it and Groudon ex BSP 38. The former has now become the achievement reward for “Jirachi-Wish maker”, since it played an important part of the plot in the story.
“Jirachi-Wish Maker” is a new achievement that involves getting desired cards into your hand, like a wish.

Completing ex Delta Species now only gives you Latios BSP 15 instead of both it and Latias BSP 14. The former has now become the achievement reward for “Pokemon Heroes”, since Latias was friends with Ash.
“Pokemon Heroes” is a new achievement that involves playing fossil pokemon (restored pokemon). This is also the only Pokemon film where fossil Pokemon play a part in the story.
Why have we not got an achievement for fossil Pokemon!

Completing ex Dragon Frontiers no longer rewards you with Rayquaza ex BSP 39. This has been changed to Typhlosion BSP 34, who used to be the Achievement reward for ex Unseen Forces.
Rayquaza ex BSP 39 is now the achievement reward for “Destiny Deoxys”. There is no Deoxys promo, but Rayquaza was the next big star of the film. Hence why it got moved with Typhlosion.
“Destiny Deoxys” is a fun little achievement, where you must collect each of the different forms for Deoxys. A bit like the Unown Achievements we already have.

Completing Unseen Forces no longer rewards you with Typhlosion BSP 34. This has been changed to Celebi BSP 29, who used to be the achievement reward for collecting all Mythical Pokemon. This was done mostly so all 3 Psychic pixies (each generations last pokedex entry, legendaries for each game). But because I needed a Johto Pokemon for the achievement, since its a Johto Pokemon themed set.

The Achievements for both Collecting all Mythical Pokemon (which did reward Celebi BSP 29) and Collecting all Trio Pokemon (which did reward Suicune BSP 30), have been merged into 1 now. It is now “Collect all Legendary Pokemon in the pokedex”, which this new Achievement now rewards you with Suicune BSP 30. By legendary Pokemon you must have at least one version of a card that has each of the following pokemon’s names in that pokemon’s name. Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo, Mew, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latios, Latias, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Deoxys and Jirachi.

I’d like to add @DarthArdios’s suggestions for RS achievements here. (Open RS Achievements page of the sheet)

there are definitely some interesting achievements in there. i like the names of the achievements though, but some of the targets are a bit out there. Some of the rewards don’t really make a lot of sense to me.

Putting some achievements suggested in the Discord today here for the record:

Avishay Chacham:
I want acheivments to be more exicing and make me think of a deck-specific strategy to pull of, such as OHKO 4 pokemon on a single game, or take 3 prizes on a single turn, or win a game while healing 300 HP on a single turn, or deal 100 damage while being under confusion, or win X games while playing prof. oak 5 times, or win X games with only 50hp and lower pokemon in deck, win X games while playing 30 basic energy cards, or win X games wile playing pokemons of 6 different pokemon owners (gym and rocket’s)

Hello @DKQuagmire I have some good news, Thanks to your suggestions, I have implemented following three new achievements that will go live with the next patch.

I couldn’t consider R&S ones yet but I also noticed some of the images in your post are now broken. Could you refresh those please?

I plan to continue with adding more achievements but I recently started to consider releasing 5 sets of HGSS as the next Career format candidate (quite a jump but could be fun). But before releasing that we need achievements for HGSS promos (25). Would you be interested to provide some ideas?