Identification of rainbow energy & matching pokemon powers to pokemon

hello. first, pokemon like team rocket charmander have a pokemon power one can only use once per turn and it gets confusing which is which when you have a couple+ on your bench. secondly some pokemon have multi element attacks such as golduck and when your opponent plays a rainbow energy it gets confusing what type of energy they picked. if you have time to solve this it would be much appreciated thank you.

What do you mean by this? The player never chooses what the energy is, a Rainbow energy is all types at once while attached to a Pokémon (but each Rainbow Energy only counts for 1 unit of energy at a time).

Even further, it does the same for attacks that require certain energy types attached to it. If the attack has two effects that each require a different type of energy discarded, the single Rainbow Energy counts as both types for that attack.

Q. When using Houndoom’s “Black Fire” attack, what happens if I discard an Energy card that provides multiple types of Energy at the same time?
A. If the Energy card you discarded provides all types (for example, Rainbow Energy), then both effects would trigger - the “Black Fire” attack would to 70 damage AND apply the Burned Special Condition to the Defending Pokemon. (DP:Great Encounters FAQ; Feb 21, 2008 PUI Rules Team)

ah sorry for wasting your time on the issue regarding the rainbow energy i should have tested it first before making a post, however i do play rockets charmander often and normally i dont have an issue identifying the pokemon power to the pokemon. but if you end up retreating your charmanders and moving your bench around it does get confusing and it is unforgiving because you can only use that pokemon power once per turn.

i had another small idea its not that big of deal but it would be cool if we could track our progress for our daily wins on the progress screen, the one that rewards 40 coins for 3 wins.

We do have a work item for matching the action button to a Pokémon on the Trello:

However, it isn’t high priority right now. Generally implementing cards, fixing bugs, and making the engine behave more true to the rules of the paper game take priority over features like this. But we do know it is desired.

Perhaps everyone can help flesh out ideas on how to implement it in this thread? The simpler the idea the more likely it gets worked on just due to taking less time from the other important things that need done.

thanks what about a tracker for the daily 3 wins rewarding 40 coins? not super important but nice to have