Ideas for the kanto grand challenge

I don’t know if there has been any conversation regarding the kanto grand challenge, but I looked it up in the search bar and nothing showed up, so I assume there isn’t much.

Anyways, my idea for kanto grand challenge is to have a gauntlet of 15 duels against different decks.
we would have a duel against ronald, the rival from the gbc tcg games. 1 for each gym leader deck (brock’s golem, misty’s starmie, etc). that’s 8. then we have a duel against ronald again. then we’ve got 4 more duels against an elite 4. Whether these are based on the elite 4 of Red, blue, and yellow, or the elite 4 of the gbc games, I’m not sure. it could even be a third set of 4 themed decks, like rain dance, stall, haymaker, and wigglytuff hand control. Then, we would have a final match against ronald.

the gym leaders should have pokemon heavy lists, focused on their evolutionary lines. I reckon that we can reduce the pokemon count and bring in a more optimized, item heavy list once the player finishes the grand challenge.
the elite 4 and ronald should probably have optimized lists from the get go.

after completion of the kanto grand challenge, you could refight the AI, either in best of 1, 2/3, or 3/5 matches.

the problem with this idea is that it would require either people to play these decks against people aspiring to complete the kanto grand challenge, or an implementation of an A.I.

additionally, this is a really long amount of games. However, I think that’s appropriate, given it’s a grand challenge, and not a challenge. we could have it so that the gym leader fights are best 2 out of 3, and your progress is saved after each fight, so you can take a break after each session. the first 2 ronald fights would just be best of 1, and you only need to beat him once per. The elite 4 would also be a best of 1, but you have to beat all 4 in a row. you would be able to take a break between the elite 4 and ronald. then the final ronald fight would be best 3 of 5 (scary!).

another problem is that it would almost have to be implemented for career base-gym, since it’s the kanto grand challenge. it doesn’t make sense to me to be able to use quickplay decks.
the lists for the gym leaders would have to be base-gym, rocket-on, or base-neo legal. I think base-gym works the best personally.

i have no Idea how realistic this idea is, but I’d be happy to draw up lists for the gym leaders.

let me know what you think!

I don’t think that AI will ever be implemented on this website. It’s incredibly difficult to program, and the more cards available, the more chances there are for bugs… It’s not only difficult, but incredibly time-consuming to make an effective/fun AI.