Idea Log

[12:59 PM] ZF_Goku: Personally, I’d like to see the market return, I too feel the ink system takes the excitement away from the career mode, I’d like to see a system that includes the market for trading/ sales for coins. Keep the Ink system but double their cost and limit the pool of cards you can create with ink (maybe no holos), this would mean building cards with ink would become a bonus/ reward for playing more career matches and would encourage the purchase of boosters to pull holo cards. The sales of booster packs is key to create a healthy market place. I used to buy packs to sell cards. This is what all career players did, the issue was that there were no caps on cards so we were seeing cards like SER sell for 2500+ bits.

I’d also love to see a GET point system. With 1 GET point you can craft any card you like, GET points could be the reward for completing career challenges.

So in short:-

• Bring back the market w/ sale caps
• increase Ink crafting cost/ limit to non-holos
• Reduce price of Booster Packs
• Implement GET points as challenge rewards

[1:02 PM] JappaWakka: I would pick a different name then GET points
[1:02 PM] JappaWakka: You know how mtg arena does it?
[1:02 PM] JappaWakka: Wildcards
[1:04 PM] JappaWakka: By opening boosters, you fill up meters for each rarity wildcard. Fill up a meter to the max and you get a wildcard you can trade for any card you like
[1:04 PM] JappaWakka: In that rarity
[1:05 PM] JappaWakka: Common wildcard meter fills up faster than uncommon, uncommon faster than rare, etc
[1:09 PM] JappaWakka: The thing is @Mert, if you want to build a deck you want fast, you can go do quickplay, to me, career was playing with the cards you have, rather than the cards you want. I never buy booster packs anymore because 1, I don’t have enough coins and 2, because crafting the cards is more efficient because you know what you get. That’s boring and almost makes booster packs useless
[1:12 PM] JappaWakka: Open enough boosters and you get a holorare wildcard
[1:13 PM] JappaWakka: Scheduled automatic tournaments could have promo cards or boosters as prizes
[1:17 PM] JappaWakka: Also don’t bring back the sale market. Bring back trading. “I want to trade this card”, “I offer you a uncommon wildcard and a caterpie” accept, trade
[1:17 PM] JappaWakka: You should also be able to do counter offers
[1:18 PM] JappaWakka: Like “I’d rather have that card instead”

[2:11 PM] enakku_theriyathu:
Also don’t bring back the sale market. Bring back trading. “I want to trade this card”, “I offer you a uncommon wildcard and a caterpie” accept, trade
Probably make all trades of equal rarity only or one card equal to x number of cards of lower rarity

[9:20 PM] Mert: Speaking as a player who started career post-trading era, i liked playing career to buy packs and ink those cards to get the ones i wanted, and the excitement of the randomization of packs acted as a bonus
[9:20 PM] Mert: @JappaWakka
[9:21 PM] Mert: But i do see the merit of reintroducing the trading system to differentiate it from quickplay
[9:21 PM] Mert: Whether it would stimulate more activity in career though would determine my stance on it
[9:22 PM] Mert: Career players have been dwarfed by quickplay players for as long as i can remember
[9:23 PM] Mert: It would be great to see more players play career so there isn’t the same small pool of players playing against each other
[9:25 PM] Mert: Of course, this small pool of players who have been playing career so long that they basically have every card they want are gonna be even farther ahead of the newer players if this new trading system goes into effect
[9:25 PM] Mert: And the old players shouldn’t be punished for that

[10:11 PM] enakku_theriyathu:
Of course, this small pool of players who have been playing career so long that they basically have every card they want are gonna be even farther ahead of the newer players if this new trading system goes into effect
how so? Sorry if I’m not seeing something obvious, but I can kinda see new players taking extras off of people who have played a while
[10:30 PM] Mert: I meant in the sense of it’ll take new players longer to get cards they want because instead of just inking them, they’ll have to barter for the card they want
[10:30 PM] Mert: I didn’t consider that older players had an excess of playables lol
[10:58 PM] JappaWakka: the problem with ink is that excessive cards can be bulk converted into ink, instead of traded
[10:58 PM] JappaWakka: I don’t think there should be a minimum on what cards you’re allowed to trade actually
[11:00 PM] JappaWakka: or a maximum, but you shouldn’t be able to trade for currency. just for other cards or wildcards (maybe even give the players the possibility to trade unopened booster packs)

[5:33 AM] jklacz: I don’t personally play career much. I don’t see the point when everything is available on Quickplay, but I do get some people enjoy the challenge of starting with a beginner deck and developing it. However, I think the whole system of ink and coins is unnecessarily complicated. I think it should be simplified to simply give booster packs (or coins you redeem for packs). Skip the whole ink thing and different cards being set at arbitrary prices. Basically, I would try to mimic what the Pokémon TCG GameBoy games did.
[5:34 AM] Najzeko: I think people like the ink crafting system too much, for example to be able to get specific cards they want
[5:35 AM] jklacz: That’s seems off to me, though, because if you just want to be able to easily obtain cards to build in your decks, then why not play Quickplay?
[5:36 AM] Najzeko: sense of progression? not sure myself since I don’t play career
[5:36 AM] jklacz: Maybe ink is a more practical way to get the cards, you can say the packs are just a little too slow, but then you can simply give players more packs to make it faster.
[5:38 AM] jklacz: I’ve always been a big proponent of “the simpler, the better.”
[5:39 AM] Najzeko: how nice
[7:17 AM] enakku_theriyathu: it’s kinda fun to start fresh and play with bad cards, can’t explain exactly why
[7:18 AM] enakku_theriyathu: makes winning with your trash cards all the more sweet:laughing:
[7:22 AM] enakku_theriyathu: it’s the same reason people like playing those “GX and EX banned” or “Commons and Uncommons only” type tournaments
[12:10 PM] ZF_Goku: @Mert this wouldn’t be the case is we returned to the system I proposed as the market place was always a competitive place to sell cards so good venders always sold at good prices. And with the sales caps, the prices of cards would drop even further. Old time players are there as a resource for new players.

[12:50 PM] ZF_Goku: After having more time to think I’ve realised a few more things to add:

• Bring back the market w/ sale caps. Example, max sale price for a Rare Holo would be 1500coins.
• increase Ink crafting cost & limit to non-holos. All cards crafted with Ink can’t be resold on the market.
• Reduce price of Booster Packs
• Implement GET points as challenge rewards

[3:55 PM] Mert: @ZF_Goku so you want to keep the ink system in tandem with the trading system, but just make it less valuable?
[4:40 PM] enakku_theriyathu: valueable cards are already hard to get cos 1. ink cost is already high enough and 2. you don’t gain that much ink from battles
[8:10 PM] JappaWakka: ink needs to piss off. I like @jklacz 's idea of rewarding coins for booster packs and you should be able to trade cards against cards, not against coins.
[8:12 PM] JappaWakka: no cap on trading, you can trade 20 cards against 1 card if you want it really bad and otherwise you just gotta buy booster packs
[8:13 PM] JappaWakka: being able to view each other’s inventory would be useful as you can ask for a card someone has
[8:33 PM] jklacz: Trading seems like a cool idea. But keep it simple. A lot of these ideas I read are just so unnecessarily complicated. You’re not going to draw interest when things are too complicated.
[8:34 PM] jklacz: Limits, ink vs coins, etc.
[8:44 PM] JappaWakka: yeah
[10:58 PM] ZF_Goku: I’m in favour of anything that promotes buying more boosters. I’d love to see the market return, for trading and sales

[2:33 PM] JappaWakka: I think ink should be thrown out the window and only coins should be used. yeah I agree with a daily login
[2:33 PM] JappaWakka: @axpendix
[2:34 PM] JappaWakka: daily login, get a couple of coins
[2:34 PM] enakku_theriyathu:
I think ink should be thrown out the window and only coins should be used. yeah I agree with a daily login
I’d be all for it if the amount earned was increased
[2:34 PM] JappaWakka: yeah
[2:35 PM] JappaWakka: 50 per won game, 5 per lost game (not conceded)
[2:35 PM] JappaWakka: or maybe 25 per won game
[2:35 PM] JappaWakka: win 4 games, get a booster
[2:36 PM] enakku_theriyathu: there could also be Career Tourneys or mini-Leagues where you play your opponent wherever and get your reward at the end
[2:36 PM] enakku_theriyathu: sure would encourage people to try
[2:36 PM] JappaWakka: yeah!
[2:37 PM] enakku_theriyathu: cos atm, the biggest problem with career is just how much it’s ignored
[2:37 PM] JappaWakka: ikr
[2:37 PM] JappaWakka: and I really miss theme deck battles from pokemon tcg online. unfortunately there aren’t many theme decks in Classic sets
[2:38 PM] enakku_theriyathu: omg i miss those so much
[2:38 PM] enakku_theriyathu: they were kinda like tcg gym battles
[2:38 PM] enakku_theriyathu: some dude usin only poison types
[2:40 PM] JappaWakka: but like, instead of building a winning deck, you get to pick a theme deck and just have to deal with it. theme decks in sets are often not that well built but fairly balanced against each other
[2:41 PM] JappaWakka: which means that there’s a bigger chance to have an interesting game because the only difference will be the skill level and not how well the deck is built
[2:43 PM] enakku_theriyathu: don’t theme decks rely hugely on what you draw? you could lose cos of a hand full of energy and an evolving Basic
[2:54 PM] JappaWakka: yeah I guess, but maybe improved theme decks
[3:55 PM] ZF_Goku: @JappaWakka I agree theme decks are fun and it would be awesome to have more available on TCGONE, but I wouldn’t say skill is what wins the match, it’s more luck tbh but fun all the same. The only real skill in Pokemon is decision making, and to build competitive decks takes a lot of it. Obvs there’s lots of skill in executing the decks strategy in a match also but not so much with theme decks as your decision making is limited with the clunky decks. But yeah, it would be totally fun to have more theme deck 1v1 options in career mode with a bunch of challenges, maybe gym leader badges could be up for grabs in career tournament matches? @axpendix

[5:23 PM] JappaWakka: you know what we could also do?
[5:23 PM] JappaWakka: just use the 7 theme decks from Pokémon Play It
[5:24 PM] JappaWakka: or just grab a couple from the GBC pokémon tcg game
[5:25 PM] JappaWakka: as the gbc game(s) contain dozens of theme deck-y decks
[5:26 PM] JappaWakka: I think it’s somewhat sad that there’s no drafting in Pokémon like in Magic the Gathering
[5:26 PM] JappaWakka: you know? build your deck from booster packs
[5:26 PM] Darkfraifan7: people have tried to do something similar and it’s called Cube lmao
[5:26 PM] Darkfraifan7: but Cube is also from MTG lol
[5:26 PM] JappaWakka: yeah lol
[5:27 PM] JappaWakka: but could it be possible with Pokémon too? building a 30 card deck from booster packs?
[5:27 PM] JappaWakka: free energy cards available of course
[5:27 PM] Darkfraifan7: don’t prereleases have booster drafts?
[5:27 PM] JappaWakka: mtg ones do
[5:28 PM] Darkfraifan7: pretty sure Pokemon prereleases do that too

Maybe there should be a way to convert coins to ink and vice versa? That might solve the problem.

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There is a way to convert coins to ink, its called buying packs. You used to able to do the equivalent of converting ink to coins by trading rare cards(high ink) on the market place. I dont think however that a direct conversion would be beneficial as the two currencies serve different purposes.

I would like to see the market place return as grinding for foils in the current system is really difficult. Im not saying make it easier, just being able to buy the foils from someone who has them for coins would be nice.

I wanted to thank the developers for the wonderful work they have done. I’d like to suggest some solution to keep the carrer mode alive.

There is too much difference between starters and “star players”. I suggest to copy something from the older game boy game TCG and TCG2: Here comes the team rocket.

  • Add free booster pack for winning the games (this was the prize when i played the game with real cards and in the GBC game).
  • Add only-trainers booster pack and “star booster pack” where you can find one of the best card of the game.
  • Add booster pack by pokemon type. So starters with a fire deck can easily build up their deck.
  • Add a level mark in the virtual room. In this way starters could keep battling vs other starters and star player will do the same.
  • Create a gym leader mode for starters. In this mode the challenger knows the deck of the gym leader (maybe a “star player”) and could build the best deck in order to win against him. Then if you win you can choose a card of the deck held by the gym leader (the card of the deck strategy maybe)

Anyway i think that quickplay mode is a way for many players to learn the game with new cards. I’m onestly not interested in playing the new game but maybe they are not interested in the “old game” for the same reason.