How to make decks good

I suck at this game, as everyone knows. How do i win while still using only favorite Pokemon? In other words, is there a site where i can build decks and have them rated and commented upon? Or is there some secret tip or formula?

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you can check the quickplay decks on tcg one to see if anyone has a deck already made with your favourite pokemon in mind. otherwise you can try google searching, or finding a video on youtube to help you.
i get a lot of help from tcg sites like pokebeach, but the tcg one discord can be a great place to discuss cards and deck strategies.

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Unfortunately, a large majority of Pokemon in the TCG are simply useless as attackers. It’s nearly impossible to win using some of them, depending on the card.
That being said, the current meta game is pretty varied and has lots of semi-viable to top-tier decks that feature a wide array of Pokemon, some more popular than others. You can look through the quickplay decks other people have made (like DKQuagmire pointed out) and another option for a more competitive mindset is to use which posts lists from the top players and top-placing lists from regional and international tournaments. Some popular favourites that you can win with are Zoroark, Golisopod, Lycanroc, Rayquaza, Weavile, Buzzwole, Necrozma, Mimikyu, Lapras, Ho-Oh, Reshiram, Salazzle, Decidueye, Lugia and Sylveon among many others.
The TCG is unlike the VGC, in the sense that you can do decently well with most Pokemon in the video game but will get steamrolled using 99% of the Pokemon printed in the TCG. This is just how the game is built, and it’s something that you’ll have to get used to while playing and learning. I’ve learned to like and enjoy the card instead of focusing on the Pokemon that is featured on it. I’ve even found some new favourites via the card game, like Passimian, Wishiwashi and Garbodor.

Final tip: If you’re dead set on using a Pokemon with no successful decks made from it, find the best non-GX variant of that pokemon and play it with Shrine of Punishment. It may not be a great deck, but Shrine can help you in many cases. Hope this helped!