How good is Greninja GX?

Write your thoughts about Greninja GX here!

I think it’s interesting, and my friend at locals saw some success with it paired with Zoroark, but I ultimately think if you’re looking for a spread Zoroark variant, Decidueye is miles better. Decidueye does consistent damage every turn, has a great 2018-2019 GX attack and hits for a very relevant weakness that can help the BuzzRoc and ZoroRoc matchup immensly. Perhaps once Lost March starts getting play or when a water-weak pokemon starts seeing more play, the typing/immediate spread might prove to be more useful and optimal.
At the very least, it pairs well with Great Ball.

I thought about playing it with magcargo and smooth over. Pretty good that way. But pricey to take out cards and replace.

I have always thought it would be funny to use it as a sort of Crobat in Landorus + Bat style deck, by playing Buzzwole GX to spread. But, you will say, spread decks are far better in this! Brooklet Hill would be very good in this, and Acerola could help in cycle frogs. Beast ring could help to use Buzzwole’s second attack during midgame.