How do you get Blaziken ex in Career Worlds 03-04

I have it in my quickplay worlds deck, and I want to ink it so I can play it in the inventory page, but when I search it in career it doesn’t show up. Is there some achievement I have to get before I can play it? Or is it just not legal in career for some reason?

Hello, it belongs to Team Magma vs Team Aqua set, which has not been released for career yet. It is the next set to be released within 1-2 months. By then you’ll be able to use it.

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Admin has stated on the discord, that he would try to release new expansions for career mode, every 3 months. ex Dragon was only released in May, so expect to see the next career update (ex Team Aqua vs team magma) by mid to late August or even into September.

FYI, TMTA was released in Career at the end of last year. Archiving the topic now.