How about a format with all existing cards?

want to know if you plan on adding the unlimited format (with all cards in all sets, not just from generation 1 to 3), it would be really cool to form new and old card combinations (a good one is Gengar and Mimikyu-GX with Vileplume (UD) / Dark Vileplume, Mewtwo Lv.X with Aerodactyl (FO) or even Mr. Mime (JU) with Floral Crown), by the way, the cards from DP to COL sets are still missing when these cards go be added? It would be nice to add translations for unique cards from Japan too (it may be overkill, but in less than two months a team can translate them all). I skipped the subject a bit, but after all, can we deck and play any card between (1966-2020)?

I hope all my questions are answered, thank you !!!