How about a format with all existing cards?

want to know if you plan on adding the unlimited format (with all cards in all sets, not just from generation 1 to 3), it would be really cool to form new and old card combinations (a good one is Gengar and Mimikyu-GX with Vileplume (UD) / Dark Vileplume, Mewtwo Lv.X with Aerodactyl (FO) or even Mr. Mime (JU) with Floral Crown), by the way, the cards from DP to COL sets are still missing when these cards go be added? It would be nice to add translations for unique cards from Japan too (it may be overkill, but in less than two months a team can translate them all). I skipped the subject a bit, but after all, can we deck and play any card between (1966-2020)?

I hope all my questions are answered, thank you !!!


As of now, the missing cards are implemented into the system, however they can only be accessed on the Unlimited format by pledging the $3 tier or higher on TCG ONE’s Patreon. The remaining cards will be added in for all users including non-patrons when certain donor amounts are reached, also displayed on the Patreon page. I do realize that money can be short, but this platform has few patrons, let alone a small bit of a niche following, making such an update system problematic, and I do hope it’s replaced with something much more efficient in the future.

That format sounds like absolute cancer. All of those decks you mentioned are toxic lockdown decks that make the game less fun.

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If there’s one thing I know about game devs, you never talk about fun to them, they talk fun into you. With a Porygon donk.

I think it would be really fun to have an unlimited format with a banlist

There would be no need for a banlist, I think implementing new rules to restrict the use of donks would be the solution. I just thought of something, which would be not being able to use poké-power in the first turn of the game. Does anyone have any other solutions?

just ban bts

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