Holo pokemon in Base packs

When I was looking at the pack lists I noticed that the base packs don’t have the foil versions of the Jungle cards (and I don’t think fossil cards either). Is there any way that we can assemble foils for Jungle and Fossil, like we can do for base set, or at least add these foils to the packs? Without these foils, we are unable to complete the achievements for some card sets.

Dear Blaze500,

Thank you for your message. Although the in-game Card Database tool does not show them properly, those holo cards are (exclusively) available via opening packs.

The possibility to have them are as follows; the contents of the pack are generated through a random process, during which only NON-HOLO cards are included in the draft. Then, for every card, we check whether there is a HOLO version for that card, and if there is, we roll a dice, and replace the card in the pack with the HOLO version with 30% chance.

So to find one holo card, you’d have to BOTH get the desired card in the pack AND win 30% bet on it.

I know this feels too luck based, I hope we could do something about this in the future.