Hidden Power Achievement (Career)

Condition: Complete the Unown alphabet from A-Z except Unown R & Unown J. So exluding those 2 cards, there would be a total of 24 cards you would need to assemble or open. On the site, I just assembled 24 Unowns and when I checked the achievement, it said 24/25. 25. Please fix this.

Unless you need to complete the unown J achievement which I am trying now,

At the moment I am trying to complete the achievement spell of the unown. To get unown j

I unlocked unown j from the achievement and still it says 24/25. Please fix this admin.

@Mattyboy21 Did you click “check” button after unlocking Unown J?

Yes. I did and it still said 24/25.

I don’t want to have wasted like a heck ton of ink for nothing.

Unless you need to open the holo unown.

Which I can’t find anywhere.

@admin Can you check which cards are needed to complete this achievement? Ty.

Wait. You might actually have to open the Holo Rare Unown A from a Neo Elements pack. Oh boy… This’ll be fun.


Complete the Unown Alphabet (Neo ones A-Z, except R, J)

Reward: Entei (WBSP 34)

So it seems Unown J is excluded and Unown A is required.

Ah I see what you mean, the holo rare Unown A cannot be assembled and you’ll have to find it in a pack. Yeah I guess this is the hardest bit of this achievement.

But it shouldn’t be that hard.

ah. ic. yay. this should be fun

i just want to add that in the original neo discovery theme decks, Unown A, was a Holographic card, and as such was really easy to get back in the day. Maybe you should make the rare cards in the theme decks Holo again.

Doesn’t that take out the challenge of it? Not everything should be as easy as getting a couple of ink.

Sad to say but theme decks should stay as non-holo for fairness issues.