HGSS-Series doesn't work

It seems that the format HGSS-series doesn’t work at all at the moment. I can search a quickplay match and others can accept it but none of us actually get in game. The game engine for it simply doesn’t load. It looks like I’m still searching even tough it shows a “rival”.
added a screenshot so you can see for yourself.

Can’t seem to replicate when using generic decks. There might be some card causing the issue; how is the decklist you tried to use named, and is it marked as public? If you knew the other player’s deck as well it’d be appreciated, but I get if you don’t have it at hand.

the decklist I tried to use was named “Kingdra / Donphan” and wasn’t public back then. I made it public now in case that helps you^^. Sadly I don’t have the other player’s decklist.
If you want we can try to recreate it if you are on right now.

This issue doesn’t exist anymore

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