Half decks

hey, will be there something like half deck format? (it can be in every format here)


Well there is no such thing as a half deck format in real life I believe. In pre-release tournaments there are 40 cards but no such thing as 30 cards exists. I’ve asked for a pre-release format but things would get too complicated. Making a half-deck format would kind of ruin the purpose of various decks. Most people are happy with a 60 card format.

Well Japanese guys played it for many years. So i dont think it would be that bad. We play it sometimes in real And Its actually enjoyable. 30 cards deck, only two copies of every card allowed. But Its just an idea and Its not so hard to code.

Half Decks are a thing indeed, mainly in Japan. 30 card decks and 3 prize cards allow for a faster game and is a fun idea for TCGONE. But I believe the deck-editor should get an upgrade before this can be implemented. You’ll need a whole new list of decks and my deck list is so crowded already.