Goldfishing (Play Testing)

Hi, I’m still new to the site so maybe this has been asked before (although I could not find it with the search feature) but I think having an option to “goldfish” or play test your deck would be incredibly helpful. I keep finding myself needing to tweak the energy count in my deck or drop duplicates or entire play sets while I am in the middle of a game; and I don’t want to be that guy that bails on the game to fix it.

The bot for goldfishing could be incredibly basic too. Maybe it just always has Clefairy Doll in play, it always gets tails on coin flips, it has a deck of just basic energies, when given a choice it always chooses what would be better for the player rather than itself, etc.

Again, I apologize if this has already been suggested in the past but I felt like it was something I should bring up since I feel it would be very helpful for people to test out new decks without having to wait for another player. Thanks for reading this.


while there are plans for a bot I don’t think it will happen for the forseeable future so you’d probably be best off making an alt and using that to playtest. To do so you just need to make a new account and log into it via an incognito tab and then just make a game on your main and join on the alt

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Thanks for the speedy reply!