Global Menu/Navigation Component

Hello all,

Now we have the forum, I’ve been thinking on how to merge the front page, the game and the forum with a unified navigation component, since there is no links to switch from one another. Can anybody with a frontend experience prepare a menu html/css codes like the one on ? The style could be the same as on that site. The slideout button will be visible on front page, forum and game views.

Here is the initial menu structure that we would need (suggestions are welcome):

Menu ($username/profile)

  • Home
  • Play Game
  • Forums
  • Build a Deck
    • Standard
    • Expanded
    • Other (Other quickplay formats like BLW, BCR, etc)
  • Deck Garage
    • My Decks
    • Browse All
    • Popular Standard
    • Popular Expanded
  • Career Mode
    • My Inventory
    • My Career Decks
    • Build a Career Deck
      • Gen 1
      • Rocket-on
      • ECard
      • Worlds 03-04
    • Store
    • Quests
    • Achievements
  • Card Database
    • Browse All
    • Standard
    • Expanded
  • About
    • Discord
    • Feature Requests
    • Facebook Page
    • Donations
    • Contribution Guide
    • Terms of Service
    • Contact Me

I’ve tried create this menu as a new theme on this forum, you can try by picking “slideout” theme on this page. It basically adds a new button to the top left. However, it is creating some problems with popups on discourse. Can anybody help me fix that?

I’ve just enabled the global navigation component for everybody. Please let me know if there’s any issues with it. I am also open to suggestions for its look and feel, thanks.

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