Gen 1 promo legality question

As you can see from the picture above, when i try to use a gen 1 career deck with Surfing Pikachu in it, i get this message saying that the gen 1 format does not include Surfing Pikachu wbsp 28.

i’ve been trying to find out the original source which states which promo cards are legal in the gen 1 format, and i’m coming up empty handed here.

Surfing Pikachu was a card that players could use in the gameboy colour version of the pokemon tcg, and that game only had the base set, jungle and fossil expansions, with a handful of promos and gameboy exclusive cards. i would of thought for sure that promo cards up to number 28 where legal for play in the gen 1 format.

WBSP 29 is Marill, which goes into gen 2, so obviously that’s not part of gen 1. it just seems silly that gen 1 doesn’t include surfing Pikachu any more, as i’ve used the card in my Blastoise deck hundreds of times in games in the past.

Ooh, surfing pikachu is a cheeky tech for the miror!

exactly. it was a lovely tech for the blastoise mirror.

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The only problem is that blastoise cant use its ability on it.

Huh, interesting I never thought of using Surfing Pikachu that way, I had a thing pop-up when I tried to use my Rain Dance in Gen 1 Career saying it could not be used due to Articuno Promo 28 is not legal. Which last I checked according to Pokeplayer that promo was legal at the time.

Hello people, I have JUST changed GEN 1 format definition to include those promos as well, I think it was a mistake I did while juggling with format definitions in some previous update.

TL;DR; You can now use them again in GEN 1!


thanks for getting back to me on this @admin. i’m glad this is fixed again.

@admin The Southern Islands set should be playable in Base-Gym. It was released in Japan seven months before any of the Neo series were released - Japanese players played these cards from July 17, 1999 though February 3, 2000 (before Neo was released on 2/4/2000), in the Base-Gym format. Southern Islands is mostly Gen 1 Pokemon (14 from Gen 1, 4 from Gen 2). Please make these available in Base-Gym as they were during their initial release.

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Fun fact: although the English language SI cards use the Neo-era layouts, the Japanese ones (which, as mentioned above, were released before the first Neo set in Japan) use the gen 1 layouts, making Japanese SI cards like Marill, Togepi, and Slowking the only “gen 1” style cards to feature gen 2 pokemon.