Formats allowed in 1v1?

Hi there. Obviously a new member and what I’m going to ask seems like a standard newbie question but I’m not seeing it covered anywhere I’ve looked so I’m going to ask. Apologies if I missed it somewhere.

Simply put, since I’m finding the menus a tad bit cumbersome on my first use: does online 1v1 support use of any decks for any specific format? Upon building my first deck (is a Base-Fossil format deck) I saw the correct format located when specifying the type of deck but when attempting to set up an online game the selector didn’t seem to register my choice but settled on a default deck.

I’ve seen stuff about career mode and I’m assuming that is what costs in game currency?

If online play is free and I can use any cards/decks I please in the appropriate format (hoping so, kind of the whole point of seeking this program out), how exactly do I go about this?

Thank you!

You can play any format on site for free with any cards (Career mode is something else, but you can ignore it if you want)

You are probably clicking on “Select Type Format.” You should click “Create Custom Game” instead, which has Base-Fossil listed.