EX era rule accuracy

There is some inaccuracy currently in the worlds 03-04 format rules.

The player who goes first is not allowed to draw a card, nor are they allowed to play Supporter cards. THE PLAYER WHO GOES SECOND MAY STILL DO THESE THINGS ON HIS FIRST TURN. Additionally, this was the era that introduced the modern confusion and retreating rules. (confusion does not prevent retreating, deal 3 damage counters, you can only retreat once per turn.)





  • On the first turn of the game, the starting player may not play any Supporter cards from their hand. This rule was introduced in Japan earlier this year, and will provide greater balance to how the game is played. (Jul 30, 2004 PUI Rules Update)"
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I would also like to provide this link to Jason Klaczynski’s blog. A top Pokemon trading card game player, who goes into detail about the top decks in each format, and some of the more important rules.
This link goes to the Ex era page, and right down the bottom of the page he goes into detail about the generation 3 rules for the TCG:

EX Format Rules
Poké-Powers & Poké-Bodies
The EX era falls on Pokémon’s timeline between Pokémon Powers and Abilities, in the period of time where Pokémon could have either a Poké-Power or Poké-Body. (One even had both!) Though the text will always remind you, remember that Poké-Powers cannot be used by a Pokémon affected by a Special condition. Poké-Bodies, on the other hand, work even when the host Pokémon is affected by a Special Condition.

After playing a Supporter in the EX format, it is not immediately discarded, but rather stays next to your Active Pokémon until the end of your turn. This may seem like a trivial technicality, but affects gameplay because of attacks like Banette ex’s Shadow Chant. This rule also prevents you from using VS Seeker or Holon Transceiver to recover a Supporter card you just played.

Playing first
The EX era also had its own unique Turn 1 rules. The player who wins the opening coin flip:

Must play first
Does not draw a card to start his or her first turn
Cannot play a Supporter on his or her first turn
Modern Rules
The EX format marked the start of modern rules for retreating, confusion, and mulligans that we continue to use today.

A player may only retreat once per turn. (This rule applies to 2-on-2 as well.)
Confused Pokémon that fail to attack have 3 damage counters placed on them (compared to dealing 20 damage in the Wizards era).
Players draw 1 card per opposing mulligan, not 2, as they did in the Wizards era.

The EX era has eight (mostly minor) erratas, five of which were corrected by reprinted versions of the affected card:

electrode-ex-firered-leafgreen-107Electrode ex’s (FireRed LeafGreen) Crush and Burn adds 20 damage for each Energy card discarded, not each Energy.
Blastoise ex’s (FireRed LeafGreen) Hyper Whirlpool allows the attacking player to choose which Energy cards to discard.
Mt. Moon (FireRed LeafGreen) affects Pokémon with 70 HP or less, not less than 70 HP.
Machamp’s (Hidden Legends) Brick Smash should apply Weakness. (This was corrected in the Power Keepers reprint.)
Steven’s Advice (Hidden Legends) cannot be played if you have 7 or more cards in hand, including Steven’s Advice. (This was corrected in the Power Keepers reprint.)
Double Rainbow Energy (Team Magma vs Team Aqua) should alter damage before applying Weakness and Resistance, not after. (This was corrected in the Emerald reprint.)
Strength Charm (Team Magma vs Team Aqua) should alter damage before applying Weakness and Resistance, not after. (This was corrected in the Deoxys reprint.)
Early versions of Marill (Sandstorm) are printed with a zero retreat cost, though it should have a 1 retreat cost.

Thanks for sharing these. Following changes will go live with the next patch:

Game play rule fixes:

  • [EX] No supporter can be played on Turn 1
  • [EX] No draw on Turn 1
  • [EX] Retreat once per turn
  • [EX] Confusion does not require a flip
  • [Classic] Draw up to 2 cards when opponent mulligans

This only missing thing is ‚ÄúPut Supporter card next to Active until end of turn‚ÄĚ rule for now.

Also, will look at the errata’s when I have time.