Dumb behavior of an user

Hi there, I create this topic to inform that there is a user (Joey) who has been acting inappropriately insulting the rest of the users that play in Career Mode. He also created an account (elefante, with capital “i” instead of L) to impersonate me and insult other users in the lobby chat. Below I attached some of the things he said in the chat:

[22:21:16] [Joey]: for anyone who wants a cancer-free career experience, put the following on ignore list: E_Z_Wind, PhanTomato and elephant

[22:29:29] [eIefante]: I use Rocket’s Sneak Attack because I have a small penis … sorry

[22:38:09] [Joey]: Bill and Oak dont cripple your opponent’s ability to play the game though, thats different
[22:38:36] [Joey]: like this schizophrenic elephant dude who only plays rocket’s zapdos / exeggutor 24/7 and never tries something new

I apologize for my bad English, I would add some more things but I do not handle well with the language. I hope the admin can do something with this kind of people.


I think that there should be some change to the text font so i dosen’t look like L. Sidenote: LOLZ, thats freaking hilarious xD. Joey seems to be really salty about losing a bunch, but the reality is that when you start this game, you will lose a bunch. Honestly that’s y career is fun, there r many strong players that you can eventually beat. If joey is mad about gen 1, then he should just play ecard or worlds. Anyway, just ignore him elefante.

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I did, but it’s frustrating to tolerate such immature behavior in the chatbox -_-

Those accounts are now banned, thank you for reporting.

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