Discussion about ranked mode

Hello, I would like to know what criteria are used to calculate the ranking in “career Ranked”. I’ve noticed the top players have only played very few games. They clearly won 3 or 4 games in a row and they never played again. And they will get hundreds of coins for that, which is not fair for those who played a lot of games. I don’t know what other aspects are considered besides victory or defeat itself, but but the number of games should be considered in the future. I clarify that I have thousands of coins, I am not saying this for my benefit, but I saw many other players playing a lot of games and they do not even appear in the top 10 and therefore they will not get rewards. I guess this also happens in Quickplay Ranked.
Excuse my English, I know it’s not very good. Greetings


Yeah, it’s pretty dumb that half of the players in the top 10 played about 5-10 games then called it quits. At the very least the top 10 should be a weekly thing.

Ey guys, just to give my 2 cents, Blason they didn’t “call it quits” they are just abusing the system. Why are then those same people playing quickplay and unranked of the same formats? I would like to propose something like Pokemon Showdown has, I think It’s called decaying or something - basiclly If you don’t play you’re points go down. I agree with FGR on number of games mattering just not make the system too focused on that. When I started playing I was number 1 for like a few weeks, didn’t even notice until some kid told me - what I’m getting at is they should make it so that us jobless/nolife people can’t be in top just because we have more free time. I don’t know about the weekly thing they are already kinda throwing coins at us xD
I advocated for booster boxes here so you have some kind of discount when buying in bulk but I’m so much happier with this (still would like to see BB though :smiley:).

Ranked is still in beta and I believe decay is planned so hopefully that change will be implemented in a update for ranked mode along with things like rewards for quickplay ranked top 10

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