Dev UI Suggestions

Hey developers, please share your ideas and thoughts on improving the usability of Dev UI ( while testing cards.

@Itresad I remember there were some suggestions you mentioned in the chat but I forgot them. Let’s add them here so that we can remember and track them.

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Good idea, that will prevent to forget some.
At this day I would have those suggestions :

  • Give the option to put cards directly on deck/discard/bench. For now the simplest way is to use sycamore/N like cards.

  • Possibility to choose a coin toss result (that can be enabled/disabled). Testing effects happening on coin toss is a bit tedious, especially the ones that have different effects depending on the number of heads

  • Some tools to see the properties of a card. Some effect change the type, the amount of HP, weakness, resistance, etc. At the moment it is hard to see if the modification is properly done.

  • Less of an issue, but would still make testing a little bit faster. Possibility to put status to a pokémon (and maybe add damage counters). This one is less complicated to set up, but still requires to bench some particular cards that can give the right status.

  • Differenciate face down and face up prizes. Since we can look at prizes there is no way to know if putting a card face up is working.


I have some ideas as well.

  • Different backgrounds for playing games (or Playmats to get straight to the point). In real life, players will often bring their own playmats to tournaments/ leagues to play their games on. Seeing the same old black background when playing games all the time might put off some players. We could upload our own backgrounds for use in play. Have a selection by default playmats for players to use, and maybe some to unlock through career. How this will effect the opponent’s side of play I have no idea. But there could be a dividing line down the middle of the screen and only your side is effected by your playmat, while you can see what playmat your opponent is using at the same time. Otherwise, you can make the entire field your playmat, but on your opponents end, they can’t see your playmat, and can have their own playmat taking up the whole of their screen.

  • A dedicated Stadium area. I mentioned this about a year ago on the “Contact me” part of the site, but being able to have a space on the field dedicated to stadiums would be amazing. At the moment, it’s just a pop up box that you can drag around the screen, and it’s not even visible to spectators. had some games where someone randomly joins a game i’m in and says “how did you do this and that?” and either I, or the opponent usually has to reply back saying that it was the effect of a stadium card.

  • Visible Prize cards. If the effect of a card such as “Here comes Team Rocket”, “Town Map”, or the effect of an attack like Celesteela GX’s “Blaster GX” causes the Prize cards to be shown, the prizes should be visible over the existing prizes (Flipped to the face up position) and should not be a pop up box that you drag around the screen, like at the moment. “Here comes team rocket” is especially annoying, because your opponents visible prize box is placed directly on top of your own, and you have to drag the box anyway, in order to see your actual prize cards. If a card like Gladion is played that lets you look at your prize cards, then the normal pop up box should still be displayed and you pick one card to switch with Gladion.

  • Lastly A LOST ZONE. I’m sure this is getting worked on, but as of Ultra Prism, the Lost Zone returns from HeartGold and SoulSilver. Just like how I mentioned with the dedicated Stadium slot. A slot on the field needs to be dedicated to the Lost Zone. I would hate for this to be another drag box to worry about.


It would greatly increased the speed that sets could be tested if unique sessions didn’t conflict with each other. Currently if more than one person is attempting to use the dev ui at a time the cards they request will be sent to the most recently active session. This leads to your hands filling up with cards you didnt request and can crash the game if the switch button is pressed multiple times.

One smaller change would be for the cards added to the deck to be added to the top of the deck. This is only now relevant as cards have effects when you draw them but the change would be appreciated none the less.

Finally the ability to choose which cards start in your deck would be beneficial, but it is my understanding that this is already planned.

Thank you for creating this great resource to get cards tested before they go live.