Damage unown


There’s a lost thunder combo everybody is talking about using damage unown which uses team magmas secret base where you play klefki use reniculus to move the damage to some wailord exs and al your other pokemon, you loop it by turning klefki into a tool and use weavike to put it back in your hand. People are worrying about it. It obiously doesn’t do too well against alolan muk or item lock. Any other counters?


3 unown DAMAGE
3 wailord ex
3 klefki
3 solosis
1 duosion
3 reniculus
2 celestial storm sneasel
2 steam siege weavile
1 mr. Mime
4 team magmas secret base
3 random reciever
2 apricorn maker
1 Pokemon fan club
4 rare candy
3 nest ball
3 ultra ball
1 timer ball
2 field blower
1 Pokemon catcher
4 acro bike
1 switch
3 warp energy
2 float stone
1 pokenav
1 computer search ace spec
1 rotom dex
2 trainers mail


yah a super easy one that counters the WHOLE deck. Chimecho. That deck plays no energy that the pokemon can use to attck, so it cant KO the chimecho and its attack prevents kelfki, unkown, wailord, wevile, mr mime, and reniculus from being played.


pretty smart but you could also put in a card like sudowoodo parallel city or silent lab or alolan muk


my version of this deck which i posted on pokebeach back in august ran 4 copies of warp energy, to get whatever active pokemon i had onto the bench. i guess that with energy in my deck i can attack, but i don’t really want to.

the warp energy was mainly there just for turn 1 trevenant, since i wouldn’t be able to play float stone.