Custom Format? Or An 'Anything Goes' Format?

Hello- I have a list of cards that I’d like to use in a ‘custom format.’

I was hoping that there could be some way to upload a list of cards or guidelines for a format, then have others play in that format, with me?

It sounds like a lot of work, so what about just playing in this custom format with people under the honor system? That could work, but there is currently no “ANYTHING GOES” format on TCG One, meaning that there’s no way to play with certain combinations of cards that would exist within someone’s custom format.

Sites like Pokemon Showdown allow an “Anything Goes” format, which can also really help with experimentation and testing certain strategies with a friend before committing to any special format. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hope this format gets approved so that we can play some fun and interesting matches!

I know that personally I would love to play with literally any and every card. That’s what I’m waiting for until I come back to this. I want to use the decks I’ve built in real life with my collection which literally spans Base Set - Pokemon Go now so yeah, this is something I’d also really love to see

While an “Anything Goes” format could be cool on paper, it would be tough to keep such a format balanced considering the many cards that could be considered overpowered if such a format would exist today such as a lot of the Trainer Cards from Base Set to Neo 3, where there wasn’t much to differentiate Items from Supporters since they each fell under the same classification of Trainer. Plus some straight up broken cards that have been released over the years that would make this format borderline unplayable because as long as you can go first with the proper set up cards and combo’s you can basically win the game before your opponent can even play a single turn. That’s literally why they had to make an emergency format change when Black & White Base came out because there was a literal strategy that did that.

The format would be for people self-moderating. Yes, the format would be absolutely degenerate and OTK would be possible, but if I want to play with a Base Set deck with a single new card just for fun with a pal to test something out, we cannot do it.

custom formats are planned i think however there hasnt been much development as the devs are busy with jobs school etc.

I love this idea and was hoping this site would allow for it but it was a massive bummer when I discovered I still needed to fit my deck into an arbitrary format when all I want to do is play my IRL decks with some internet friends

I’ll come back if this ever becomes a thing