Custom card backs

Please share your custom card back suggestions in this topic :slight_smile:

These are two of the Card Backs i’d like to see on TCGONE. I’ve polished the images in Photoshop and resized them. :slight_smile:

I’ve found the image below on Deviant Art. I have Re-worked it in Photoshop, made it pop.

Below are the Pokémod Card Backs


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On PTCGO they have card Sleeves. you can buy sleeves or unlock them for doing X damage with that type etc…
I love these card backs, but i want to be able to also change them to my liking in between battles, and i want to have a nice selection of custom card backs as well.


Thought you might like this one :smiley:

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They really need to add sleeves, but not just Pokemon Sleeves. It will be cool if you could like have solid colors, but with the custom card sleeves, you pay so much ink for each sleeve.

An interesting way to distribute custom backs would be to make them available to users based on their career level. This would encourage people to play career more and allow older players to be distinguished from newer ones.
Another possiblity would be to add a custom card back as a patreon perk.