Cube Gamemode


Is there a way to add a cube gamemode to tcgone?
im a huge cube fan and i would love to play it online


That’d be awesome :smiley:
Eventho the most fun part about cubing is that you get to create your own rules about evolving, amount of prizecards for a pokemon (like only 1 for old ex’s),…
This might be hard to add, as it’d be different for each cube :confused:

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Will you give more information or references regarding the specifics of cube mode?


Essentially he’s asking for a custom draft system. If you do not know what a cube draft is, the maker of the cube adds cards through certain years and specific pokemon evolution lines to create a custom format. An example would be a Black and White series cards only cube, then the cube would be divided up into “packs” of random cards

However, a cube usually requires a minimum of 4 players to draft and play. Cubes can be as small or as large as you want them. It would be fun to be able to have this custom game mode, but I think an easier starting point would be just custom game modes in general.

Creating a custom game type to decide what sets you can build a deck out of, draft over discord or some other software, then build the decks you drafted on tcgone and play it that way.