Countering gen 1 Mr Mime and psychic stall decks in general

Any tips? Mr Mime negates all damage over 20 points, and it’s risky to just whittle away at it with low damaging attacks. So what strategies work best for it, and psychic stall decks in general?

First of all special conditions. Anything that can confuse will allow you to 1 hit it the next turn. Poison is also a good option. If you hit for 20 and poison, it will be dead by ur next turn. Additionally, as of the current patch, poison is bugged and disables its ability making it much easier to deal with.

Another option is normal type pokemon.
Mr mime is not a very strong attacker until your active pokemon has some dammage counters on it. Running a normal type pokemon with psy resistance will make all its attacks useless as long as your pokemon has less than 30 dammage counters on it, and very bad otherwise. Personally, I like Erika’s jugglypuff for the potential turn 1 win

Last option is to remove its pokepower. Running fossil muk disables all pokepowers. Otherwise 1 gasgoop attack works also. This also helps you deal with locks like aerodactyl and dark viliplume.

As for psychic stall decks in general, run 4 gust of wind and try to KO their bench sitters. Dark viliplume will stop pokemon center and scoop up. Energy removal can end a mewtwo stall.

Hope this helps!

i always have a counter for mime.
if i play blastoise, i must always include lapras in my deck. my deck plays 2 lapras. since i don’t use it very often. its just there for mime really.
Fire decks love using fossil magmar. also TR Charmander does 20 for 1 fire.
lightning you can just spam thundershock attacks. electabuzz can do this perfectly. but for a 2hko, you can use TR Voltorb which does 20 for 1 lightning.
grass decks can’t use scyther to get at mime, but you can use other cards like bulbasaur, gloom and dark muk… my personal favourite way to get rid of mr mime.
other psychic types might struggle, if their attacks do more than 10 damage. Abra is great at bopping mr. mime though for 20 with a chance of paralysis.
as for colourless… you have resistance to psychic, you shouldn’t be worried at all! cards like rattata and lt. surge’s spearow can do 20 for 1 energy, and even with 3 damage counters on it, and resistance gym in play mr. mime still can’t touch Erika’s Dratini

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I’d like to kick in to say poison is not bugged:

Basically any Pokemon Power on any Pokemon that says it stops working if the Pokemon is Paralyzed, Asleep, or Confused, now should ALSO include Poisoned, or Burned aswell. These 5 effects are known as Special Conditions. Almost every Pokemon powerstops working if its Pokemon has a Special Condition on it. If a Pokemon power saysit still functions if Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed, that also holds true for Poisoned and Burned as well. (…) Jan 17, 2002 WotC Chat, Q1278& Q1284)

Thanks for the clarification. I was not aware that such a ruling existed and suspected that pokepowers not
working when poisoned was just an oversight. Specifically since cards like snorlax specify poisoned in the list of effects that thick skinned prevents while not listing poison in the list of effects that turn the pokepower off.

Initially it only said asleep, confused, or paralyzed (which was the ruling in the GB game iirc). And second, not all colorless Pokémon had psychic resistance (some, like the Pidgey and Spearow families, have fighting resistance instead).

In Trainer forms you have two effective counters for Mr. Mime which are Charity from Gym Heroes and Goop Gas Attack from Team Rocket.

Best tech pokes to counter is JU Jigglypuff / FO Gastly / BS Rattata

Mr mime also doesn’t do well in an energy removal format. since it needs 2 energy to attack. and any pokemon that can swing for 20 damage is awesome.
i listed some examples in an earlier post, posted back in november, but ZF_Goku’s choices are the ones i would generally pick from when building my deck.
my favourite counter would be Erika’s Dratini, as any damage done by basic pokemon is reduced down to only 10 damage. even if that basic pokemon somehow did like 100 damage. its attack backfires sometimes though, since 50% of the time you hit for 10, while 50% of the time you do 30 which is cancelled out by mr, mime. but mime is never gonna leave a dent on Erika’s dratini so your safe with that thing out, taking the hits.

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I assume by psychic stall you are talking about Alakazam Damage Swap? If that’s the case the main thing you want to do is try to KO their Abra using Gust of Wind to Prevent from evolving which is easy due to them only have 40 HP. Otherwise, these are the most counters I have used or I seen others use

Pokemon wise: Lapras (Fossil), Muk (Fossil), any decent normal type that can do 20 should do since all of them usually have a -30 resistance to psychic (Like Erika’s Dratini), and anything that can inflict status or do 20 works as well (Like Rocket’s Zapdos, Articuno Promo,etx)

Trainers:Goop Gas Attack

I’d avoid Erika’s dratini because your hitting 10 or 30 damage. So you’re giving yourself a 50‰ success rate for dealing 10 Damage. Yeah sure it has no weakness and resistance to psychic but it’s way too slow combating Mr. Mime.

Charity from Gym Heroes is a massively overlooked card. It’s extremely effective in high damage output decks. The best thing about it is the deck space you save as you only really need to run 1 copy as it returns to your hand after you attack.

Colorless that can do 20 and can inflict status? How about Jigglypuff?

That works as well I was thinking Rattata (Base) or Erika’s Dratini.