Clefable metronome

I have a question, I am new to playing the game and playing against people who are also relatively new to the game. I’m using a pre-made deck from the Pokémon centre and it has a suicune. The move does 60 damage and says “for every water energy attached do 30 more damage” so my question is when metronome is used for this move does it go off of my attached water energy or the clefables attached energy? My opponent used this move and said because I have 3 energy’s attached it does the extra 90 damage so just curious if that’s true!

Thx so much sorry if this is a newbie question was just curious

Is this the interaction you’re describing? It would apply to Water Energy attached to your Clefable, not the Suicune. (For example, a Clefable with two Water Energy attached to it would deal 120 damage.)

With classic Metronome attacks on older cards, the interactions work the same way.

Em00 may also be referring to this Clefable. The Suicune ex was from one of the three Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic decks, the Blastoise one, and the reprint of Jungle Clefable was in one of the others, the Charizard one.