Cast your Vote for Pokémon-ex to arrive in the Pokémod Format!

Hello Everyone!

Please share your thoughts and cast your Votes on weather Pokémon-ex should arrive in the Pokémod Format!

If voted for, the Pokemon-ex will be added to the Wizards Ecard expansions and there will also be duplicates made of certain Trainers to prevent them from working with Pokemon-ex. Cards like ‘BS Scoop Up’ - ‘BS Pokemon Trader’ - BS Revive’ - ‘BS Pokemon Center’ - ‘BS PlusPower’ - ‘BS Defender’ - ‘FO Heavy Ball’ - ‘FO Crystal Guard’ - ‘GC Float Stone’. - To name a few…

There will also be Basic Colorless Pokemon added with ‘Safeguard’ Abilities and reprints of Pokemon such as Alakazam and Blastoise from Base Set with modified Pokemon Powers preventing them from working with Pokemon-ex.

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Here are a few examples of the Pokemon-ex up for consideration:

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Sounds like fun. As long as it gets its own format. (E-card only for now) then I can see this being a fun format. Maybe you can add Zapdos ex, moltres ex and articuno ex.

Changing the legendary Pokemons poke-bodies to make them playable should be a consideration. Because at the moment their poke-bodies prevent you from attaching the right basic energy type of the type they are to them. You instead have to rely on other cards to put the energy on them, like Alakazam’s energy bounce to put the energy onto them or expedition Ampharos to put lightning on Zapdos/ Raikou or even Lanturn to make the lightning energy on Suicune and Articuno water energy instead.

Sandstorm Wobbuffet needs to be in these expansions with its “Safeguard” Pokemon power.

You already made Pokemon Collector as a supporter card, I requested. But perhaps it should have the same text as Brigette, where you can search for either 3 basic (non EX) Pokemon, or 1 EX Pokemon. Or have it where you can’t search for EX cards at all with it. This would make Pokemon Fan Club VS Pokemon Collector a tough choice to choose from (Depending on the deck you choose).


Great stuff @DKQuagmire. I agree that it should be a separate format… It’s only a concept right now because I’m focusing on getting the Pokemod format complete Base - Skyridge… Then after that if this gets lots of votes i’ll consider putting the time into creating a sub category within the Pokemod format including Pokemon-ex :slight_smile: