Career Pack Idea: Selectable Rare out of 3

Here is ideas I had for the packs in career if anyone would like to add it to or give me your thoughts on my ideas let me know.

1.Each pack contains info of thats inside of it.

2.Have the last rare card be a player’s choice out of 3 cards (Got the idea from Gwent’s pack system or as they call it Keg and its better explained how there pack/keg system works this would probably be hard to implement I imagine programming wise would someone help the reduce the pack’s rng element.

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Hi thanks for sharing this, I actually like gwent’s selectable rare cards idea.

So will I be able to know what the 3 rares are and pick 1? If so, this would really speed up looking for certain cards as it essentially gives you a 12 card pack, but 2 out of the 3 rares you don’t get to keep.

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Yes in gwent you are able to know what the 3 cards are and then you choose from one of them and the other 2 you don’t get to keep.

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what would happen if 2 or more of the rares where the exact same rare though that is the question.
or would measures be put into place to make sure the the 3 rares are all completely different from one another.

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Interesting idea. Sounds a bit like a draft chest in Clash Royale, which is really nice for that game, though the card pool is smaller. I think it’s a great idea to implement into this game!

That would be cool if that was added in. I could complete my sets faster