Career format change suggestion

Hi, I’m making these thread to let the team know that I and 10+ other (frequent) player’s are really displeased with the first gen format in the mode and would like to see it changed to either Fossil or Rocket format. The problem is even if you make a fun deck (which is probably why you play carrer) you can’t avoid not playing the problem card’s.

Example: I made a Lapras deck paired with ER, to counter ER stadium (and Wigglly) I added 2 Narrow Gym which worked great with Challenge (It’s a potpourri kinda deck with Chan/Scyther/Collorless). Chaos Gym fitted like a glove here, with Lapras confusion, 1 copy of Kangaskan and Lickitung, not relying on trainers so much, reseting narrow gym to bounce from bench, reseting it with item finder…
This fun, cool and unique deck ruined so much fun for many because of 1 card. If you make a electric deck are you not gonna run R’Zapdos (which initself is a leauge above every earlier haymaker mon)? If you make an DCE aggro deck with Plupowers are you not gonna run a copy of E’Jigglypuff? I think I made my point clear and I won’t even touch on dedicated trapper builds.

While on the topic of format change’s is there any chance of a Neo-Skyridge? I feel like EXP-HL is too much RS like in a sense that cards are printed to be purposely better then the e-card variants so the e-card part is not seen too much in that format where as in Neo-Skyridge you have lots of diversity with older and newer because there wasn’t such a powercreep+e-cards are made to be more balanced. I think that format is more in a style of a carrer player.

Side question: I asked this in the booster box thread but didn’t get an answear and I noticed Piplup uploaded pictures of Deoxys theme decks, Is there like a legal reason or something why the theme decks don’t have they’re respective pictures?

Side note: Thank you for adding deck saves of less than 60 cards, this is big for me huge thumbs up for that.

Thank you for reading and please discuss which format would you prefer Fossil or Rocket.

I totally agree with this point of view! And therefore would love to see a Base-Fossil or maybe Base-TR format! Since some really cool and fun to play vintage decks become unplayable against some OP Gym cards. Thank you!

I agree. In addition, Another interesting format would be a Gym Only format - Only cards (and trainers) from the 2 gym sets - nothing else

Never thought of gym sets only meta that sounds like a really intresting option, It would definetly solve the achievment problem I didn’t mention earlier (Kanto circut one).
I think there are enough players now to have 6 formats in career, I’m basing that opinion on a older post I red here which says there aren’t enough players for additional formats and now we have ranked even so people I frequently play are playing pretty much all formats.

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