Can I help implement cards?

I would like to code some cards in the future because it sounds really fun, but I barely know how to code! I would like to learn and help. On Feb 18 Axpendix said that you can start coding cards. Will this opportunity be available again any time soon?


It is possible to contribute card implementations. Please note that we have a specific DSL on Groovy with a steep learning curve, which requires you to think in terms of computer science, therefore the job is not for the faint-hearted!

Please read Card Implementation Guide for the git repo address and details. For question on technical topic, please use #dev in Discord.


I have read through all of that and it seems somewhat easy enough. If I were to start I would try implementing “Pokemon Ranger” (Big rookie mistake there). I would try to help with upcoming sets like unbroken bonds and implementing those cards. Thanks!

Oh I doubt that anybody can implement pokemon ranger.

It is quite difficult. Especially for somebody who knows absolutely nothing about coding. But you can still try.

And if you’re just starting its extremely difficult.

In general, the best way to reach @axpendix/@admin would be to message them via the discord server. Alternatively, you can email them at While your question will probably be answered eventually, sending a phone number over the forums is probably not the best way. To get it answered quickly.