[Bug Report] # Sabrina's Alakazam's pokemon power allows him

Sabrina’s Alakazam’s pokemon power allows him to copy any psychic pokemon atk in play ( still needs the cost and everything required). But when he uses that power to copy an attack and uses that attack it seems it does not count as an attack but as a pokemon power, since it by passes things like baby power and focus band (both do not get flipped for in the case of Sabrina’s Alakazam using his pokemon power to copy an attack). This is pretty broken bug :slight_smile: thanks and love your work!

Game starting
Game type: QUICKPLAY
Game format: Standard
Player A: piti95
Player B: Lynux
Coin flip result: TAILS
Player A will start.
Game setup complete
Between turns. TC: 1
Player A drew 1 card
Player A is the winner! Surrendered!
Game is ended. Winner is Player A.
piti95 has closed game view.


Formats are base to neo formats (Sabrina’s Alakazam from Gym Heroes), pls do not pay attention to the game settings here, just used a lobby for the quick report button

Bump. (Issue remains)

Just wondering if this was fixed? :stuck_out_tongue: