Breaking the silence

As no1 has made a post the past 7 days, I thought I’d make one :smile:
Don’t know what It’ll be about, just writing what I think.

First of all, what do you guys think about ReshiZard at Worlds, so post rotation. Without Choice Band they miss ome crutial knock outs, 230 isn’t even enough to OHKO PikaRom, but ReshiZard is probably the fastest deck out there atm, being able to hit for 230 turn 1, even without KIawe. Do you think the “lack of damage” will outwheigh the speed it has, or will it continue to dominate? If you’d aask me I think it might just be short due to Choice Band rotating. With the speed of PikaRom I can’t see ReshiZard winning a match vs PikaRom. One big hit from PikaRom and then Tag Bolt, and that’s without talking about PikaRom decks teching thinks like the new Froslass, who OHKO’s ReshiZard for 1 energy. Not saying PikaRom is going to win worlds tho. In Japan Darkness decks are doing really well, and the new Mewtwo & Mew is also a something to look out for.

Keeping it within the topic of Worlds/post rotation, what’s your opinion on Whimsicott GX with Welder? Whismicott has the awesome (or dreadful, depending on who’s playing it :stuck_out_tongue:) ability that makes you flip a coin and if heads you don’t take damage. With Welder and Triple Acceleration Energy it also can deal some big numbers. Also don’t forget the Fairy Charms that post rotation will be a lot harder to get rid of. You’d even be able to play it with the Lele from LOT in combination with the Magearna from UPR. The Lele makes your opponent their active confused when you attach a Fairy charm to it, and Magearna allowes you to pick the Charm back up, to reuse this turn after turn.
Last but not least is that Rainbow Brush isn’t rotationg, so you’d be able to play a Fiery Flit, get 4 fire energy, Welder 2, attach the third and play Rainbow Brush to switch one of them with a fairy energy from your deck. I think it has a lot of potentional post rotation.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is a search engine for deck that lose all there search, like Fairy deck such as Whimsicott. It involves Emolga from TEU and Pokemon Communication (PokeCom). You play 2 Emolga (3 or a Gladion to make sure you have both), the first Emolga searches out the second one, then you can PokeCom the second one back into your deck and trade it or whatever you want. Emolga is searchable with Proffesor Elm, Fan Club or another PokeCom, as it has 60 HP and is a basic. It also has free retreat, so strarting it isn’t a problem. It is kinda awkward, but once it gets rolling I can see it working.

The last thing is something I want to know for myself. I’m in love with Green’s Search, I think it is the most consitant card released in a very long time. It is a 4 off no quistoin in every deck that doesn’t play abilities imo. But last week I was building a fighting deck, and as always Greens was what made the deck work, but I was thorn whether to play Dianci Prism or not. The 20 extra damage it provides is sooo good, but it is an ability… I didn’t know wheter playing it anyway, and benching it once I’m set up is worth the risk of starting it and not being able to use Greens. What would you do in this situation?


Ok so this is just my opinion on all of these

1/4 I think reshizard will continue to dominate unless froslass becomes a huge threat in the meta. I do not think that turbo reshizard is the way too build the deck anymore due to consistency of getting our mons out being gone, but I do think that Greens reshizard will continue to dominate the format due to being more consistent and haveing an easy gusting option in double custom catcher. You can still OHKO Pikarom with a shrine of punishment a card I teaches into my internats list with mild success. I doubt that Pikarom will include over a 1-1 line if the mon if any due to being non GX or electric type and being an evolution line.

2/4 I think the deck has some potential. There will be games where your opponent just can’t get attacks in and becomes overwhelmed by whimsicot, but there are games where you get bad luck and they just blow through you. The charms are helpful and the combo is interesting but I think your trying to do too much. I don’t feel the list would be consistent and there would be turns where you just can’t get fairy energy out.

3/4 I think the engine is interesting for non GX decks, and it seems awkward to me as well.

4/4 depends on the deck If you want to play both Is just play 2-3 greens and the diance prism star knowing that you need to greens before playing down ability mons. I would try both in the situation and run some damage calcs to see if diance is necessary. If not go quad diance

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