[BR] Playing Blaine (G2 17) with no Fire Energy on hand

Card involving: “Blaine” from Gym Challenge (#17)

We should be able to attach the 2 Fire Energy at any time during the turn, it’s not neccesary to attach them right after Blaine is played.

So for example, if I don’t have any energies in my hand, I can play Blaine, then play a Draw Trainer (Professor Oak, Bill, Professor Elm, etc) and get the energies I need.

Also the card says “you MAY instead…”, so even if Blaine is played, it’s no obligatory to use the effect, a different type of energy card can be attached to any Blaine/Non-Blaine pokémon on the board.

It’s kinda tricky, but not gamebreaking at all. A very niche bug.

Here is the Wizards Of The Coast Compendium answering the questions about this scenario:

Q. Can you play the Trainer “Blaine”, then Oak to get your energy, and then place the two Fire Energy on your Blaine’s Pokémon?
A. Yes, you can because Blaine says ‘during this turn’ on it. You do not have to attach the Energies right after playing the Trainer. You can oak or Elm or play other tainers…

Q. With the Blaine trainer, do both energies have to be attached simultaneously to the same Pokemon?
A. You do not have to attach the Energies right after playing the Trainer, but you must attach both energies at the same time. (May 3, 2001 WotC Chat, Q23)



Did not realize there was already a topic on this from 4 years ago, but yes this affirms what I wrote in my bug report and also brings up a good additional point about the word ‘May’, so that you are not locked into attaching an energy to a Blaine’s Pokemon should you change your mind after playing it.

Hi @Admin, any update on this bug fix? Its from about 4 years ago and still exists.