[BR] Castaway (CG 72). When illegal cards are chosen from Castawa

Castaway (CG 72). When illegal cards are chosen from Castaway, an error message is delivered to the opponent instead of the user. (It isn't clear what illegal cards were chosen.)

Game starting
Game type: QuickPlay
Game format: EX Series
Battle started between JasonKlaczynski and DJNulli!
Both players took 1 mulligans.
Coin flip result: TAILS
DJNulli will start
Game setup complete
Between turns
Turn 1 begins
[DJNulli]: gl hf!
Attached a Water Energy (EM 103) to Magikarp.
Between turns
Turn 2 begins
JasonKlaczynski drew 1 card
JasonKlaczynski played Castaway.
TURN TIMER: a Timeout Allowance was consumed to add 60 seconds to turn time
No response received from JasonKlaczynski
DJNulli wins the game! Opponent has left
[JasonKlaczynski]: i couldn't click a supporter
[DJNulli]: it said "cards you've selected are not acceptable" on my screen