[BR] Buried Fossil(SKR 47)

This isn’t exactly a card bug, but maybe a button arrangement bug

When we have multiple Buried Fossil(BF from now on) in play, the buttons to use either the “Reconstruction” Pokepower or the “Evolve Buried Fossil” get all mixed up and it’s hard to tell the BF we’re using. This isn’t particurlaly bothering when we use the reconstruction pokepower, but it can ruin a game if we evolve the wrong BF.

I messed a little in the dev server, and noticed the button ordering is according to order of play(So the BF put in play first will have it’s buttons on top), but this goes against the intuition that the buttons on top should correspond to the BF most to the left in the bench(To clarify, the BF put in play first could end to the right of another BF through retreating/switching).

Maybe a possible solution is to condense all the “Evolve Buried Fossil” buttons into 1, and then, when we press it, prompt us with a window to select the buried fossil we are using. The same could be done with Reconstruction.

sorry for the essay lol

edit: Just noticed the same problem arises with multiple mysterious fossil or multiple claw fossils…etc. The “Discard” buttons can get mixed up.

If you hover over a card and a button they both show a tooltip. This tooltip has a unique ID for the card, and the action will have the unique ID of a card to show which one it belongs to. While a better way to do this is planned for the future, there is already this in place for now.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
However I’m having trouble finding the tooltip over the buttons with some cards(like the buried fossil itself)…Maybe it’s a recent feature that needs to be updated in some old sets? I ran into the same problem with other cards from Skyridge(Like alakazam), and even some cards from Sandstorm and Base set(like blastoise)

Hmm, on double checking maybe I was only seeing the ID for the action button in debugging, and it hasn’t been implemented as a tooltip yet. I’ll unmark as solved for now.

This issue has been resolved by the release of new Pokemon panel more than a year ago.

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