[BR] Banette (SW 23). Holon's Castform (HP 44). Couldnt Ghost He

Banette (SW 23). Holon's Castform (HP 44). Couldnt Ghost Head for some reason

Game starting
Game type: QuickPlay
Game format: 2008 (HP-MD)
Battle started between douevenswitchbro and sigma_e!
douevenswitchbro took a mulligan. They will continue taking mulligans after sigma_e places an Active Pokémon (and Benched, if any).
Mulligan phase: douevenswitchbro took 1 additional mulligans
sigma_e drew 1 extra cards.
Coin flip result: HEADS
douevenswitchbro will start
Game setup complete
Between turns
Turn 1 begins
douevenswitchbro drew 1 card
Attached a Psychic Energy (DP 127) to Shuppet.
Shuppet used Ascension
Shuppet evolved into Banette
douevenswitchbro has shuffled deck.
Between turns
Turn 2 begins
sigma_e drew 1 card
sigma_e played Roseanne's Research.
Put [Eevee (MD 62), Baltoy (GE 60)] to Hand
sigma_e has shuffled deck.
Put [Roseanne's Research (SW 125)] to Played Supporter
Put Eevee onto bench
Put Baltoy onto bench
Roseanne's Research (SW 125) was discarded
Between turns
Turn 3 begins
douevenswitchbro drew 1 card
Put Bronzor onto bench
douevenswitchbro played TV Reporter.
douevenswitchbro drew 3 cards
Banette (SW 23) was discarded
Put [TV Reporter (DF 82)] to Played Supporter
Put Shuppet onto bench
[douevenswitchbro]: why cant I Ghost Head
[douevenswitchbro]: Thats a bug right
[sigma_e]: not sure. maybe it just hasnt been implimented