Booster box in career modes


i have an idea of having opportunity of buy booster box in career mode with some kind of guarantees (3 ex pokemon per box) like with real one, i opened something like almost 30 booster packs from frlg and only one ex pokemon…its little bit frustrating tbh :smiley:

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Hello ifranckie,

You know you can dissolve and assemble specific individual cards in the inventory with the currency called “Ink” at the bottom after you click on the inventory and have a card that you need highlighted.
It does not include the newest modified sets unfortunately - just Base Set - FRLG sets.

I don’t know why the Legendary birds can’t be assembled.

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Ofc i know i can dissolve cards i dont need. But opening them are much more satisfing :slightly_smiling_face:.

Please fix the birds ex, i want to play them xD


Ah, that is bad luck. Maybe, before implementing booster boxes, we can implement pity timer per pack type, so you’ll be guaranteed to have some X epic cards per Y packs opened. I don’t think booster boxes will find many buyers before adding ranked ladders to career games.

Hello, I would like to advocate for booster boxes. Since we don’t have trading it’s pretty hard to obtain holo versions of some cards, yes this would still largerly be luck based but other than that you can make them 5-10% cheaper. That way not only “collector’s” are benefiting but all the player’s who would rather wait and play a few days rather than just opening some packs at the end of the day. They don’t have to be necessarily 36 packs, a box could contain like 20/24 packs and guaranteeing 2 epics and to add on to that you can add an option of buying half a box guaranteeing you 1 epic but no price discount.

I sadly wasn’t a member during the marketplace era. I think there should be a way for us newer (and older, but not mysterious fossill old) players to obtain those cards a little easier.
I know that this would kinda devalue coin currency but It’s basically 1/2 extra packs every now and then.

This is a little less important but not having trading (to my understanding because of complexity of implementing it) I think there should be something to make the site more “life like”. On that note is there a reason why the decks in deck store don’t have they’re boxes pictured?

Even if nothing of this get’s implemented I’ts still an awesome site I’m going to continue to use. Thanks to all developers and the rest of the team :smiley:

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