(Base-Neo) Light Dragonite's Miraculous Wind against Double Colorless Energy

Hello people :slightly_smiling_face:, I would like to report a bug.
Light Dragonite’s Miraculous Wind (Neo Destiny Expansion) transforms Double Colorless Energies into an Energy Card that provides only one colorless energy (instead of 2 colorless energies).

— I found the following rule in a Compendium:
Q. Would a Double Colorless Energy card provide 1 or 2 colorless energy while Miraculous Wind is Active?
A. It would provide 2 colorless energy. Double Colorless Energy (while a Special Energy card) normally provides 2 colorless Energy and this is NOT considered an additional effect of that card. The top of the card shows 2 colorless energy symbols and that is what this card provides. (Mar 6, 2002 WotC Rules Team Update; Mar 7, 2002 WotC Chat, Q550).

(Note: sorry for my English, I used Google Translate, I hope I have correctly explained the problem with all of you.)

Thanks for your attention. Cordially greetings.
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@JasonKlaczynski @dxdydzd can you confirm this ruling please?

Japanese text says “provides 1 Colorless Energy”.

So is it another misruling by WotC?

Crystal Beach for comparison:

Crystal Beach: 無エネルギー1個ぶんになる
Light Dragonite: 「無色」エネルギー1個ぶんの「エネルギーカード」になり


A Japanese rules source confirms Miracle Energy would provide 1 Colorless Energy, so the same should be true for Double Colorless Energy: it will provide only C while Miraculous Wind is working. The same is true for Buzzap on Electrode.

Also worth noting: while Miraculous Wind is working, Miracle Energy is not discarded. At the end of any turn that Miraculous Wind is disabled, it is discarded as normal. Boost Energy functions similarly.

Note that Wizards ruled that Miraculous Wind would not stop come into play effects of Energy, such as Potion Energy or Full Heal Energy’s healing effects. Based on what we know about Japan’s official rules, I lean toward this being the correct ruling too.

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Woow :open_mouth: I didn’t imagine it was a wrong rule by WotC. Thanks for all your insightful answers! :slight_smile:

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