Base-Neo Argentina decklists

Their meta is awesome! Ive been following their instagram and have been testing some fo their decks and they are very powerful

Wigglytuff/ dark crobat
Sneasel/erikas jigglypuff(4 plus power)

Im also a bit confused. Im not certai if they have their own ban list or are usimg house rules. Ive seen the unknown in the brocks ninetails list to prevent the tyranitar bench damage …so if they arent using errata they ban slowking?

I personally like the inclusion of unknown to prevent damage on the bench but i also hate that a metal energy can prevent dark crobat damage. Is there a consensus the community can find an even footing on…im torn

Unfortunately, a lot of mistakes and mistranslations occurred during the Wizards of the Coast era, and those blunders can serve to create confusion for the “proper” way to play old formats.

In other instances, however, communities sometimes come up with their own rules arbitrarily, which only adds to this confusion. For example, some players in Chile play with Sneasel banned in Base–Neo and I’ve seen them express that they believe the card was historically banned in this format. This is not true, the card was only banned in Modified formats.

While most players recognize some mistranslations had severely detrimental effects on the game (Slowking’s Mind Games being the best example), other mistranslations like the Unowns are less impactful.

However, picking and choosing which of Wizards of the Coast’s translation and ruling blunders to correct and which to uphold is arbitrary and inevitably leads to no consensus. Instead, I have always been a strong proponent of playing every card as it was intended to be played. That way the rules are consistent and predictable and the international community can enjoy the game the same way it was played in its home country of Japan.

Currently, TCG ONE has most major erratas implemented and it is working to have all cards function as they were intended. (See my errata post for a full list.)