Are we going to add to DP cards to unlimited when they are added?

I’m just curious about this but but are we getting the DP cards added to unlimited?

I’d say it could shack up the format quite a bit

Definitely hope so, but I’ll wait and let them figure out 90% of the bugs in the current format first. I heard they’d like to add the sets, fix 90% of bugs, and then update Unlimited. I’m not sure though.

He in fact said this: “Hi, that is definitely within scope; my plan is to release the remaining Diamond & Pearl sets with respective formats first, then create a new Unlimited format with all sets on TCG ONE. However, resolution of existing bugs and improving the stability of the platform are prerequisites to these steps as I aim to provide a stable gameplay experience. Happy to discuss more.”

That’s very exciting I’m literally brain storming ideas for decks rn for when the DO sets (hopefully) come out

DP not DO lol