Adding the Un-released expansions to Career mode, and unreleased promos


I was Just wondering if at any time any of the other unreleased expansions for gen 1 and Rocket-on would ever be released. The expansions in question are:

Base Set 2.
Southern Islands.
Legendary Collection.
Vending Machine.

I understand that Base set 2 and Legendary collection are all re-print cards, so we can use all the cards from these sets any way from their original expansions, and Rocket-on has implemented each card from legendary collection to be playable. But Southern islands was a set that was released to western audiences. I should know. I have a Southern Islands folder in my cupboard, of which I picked up in GAME in England of all things, back when generation 2 was still being hyped, and every card was in English.
TCG ONE has also had full fan translations for all the Vending Machine cards, of which never saw any western release, that players can use in quick play mode. But not Career mode.

Another big reason to release these sets, is for up to 4 of the sites achievements in the Achievements section to be able to be completed and the promo card for doing so to be unlocked. At the moment it is impossible to play with any of these card, outside of quick play mode.
Legendary Collector: Pikachu (WBSP 26)
Snacker: Electabuzz (WBSP 2)
Vacation Time Over: Togepi (WBSP 30)
Kinda easy don’t u think?: Pokémon Center (WBSP 40)

Surprisingly, on that last card, even though Pokemon center was in the base set, and this promo was a reprint of the exact same card (different art) printed around the same time as Legendary Collection, the base set Pokemon Center can’t even be used in the Rocket-on Format. I always found this odd.

There is also no way to unlock Mewtwo (WBSP 14), which is a reprint of the Mewtwo (WBSP 3) card which is unlocked by achieving Lv. 31 in Career Mode. the Achievement requires you to Complete Kanto Grand Challenge. The problem is, this was a concept that was never completed or fully implemented. and there has been no word at all about the Kanto Grand Challenge in several years now. I have all but lost hope of ever obtaining this card now. :frowning:

The last card I want to talk about is Eevee (WBSP 11). In late 2017 there was a tournament held, and the winner would receive this exclusive promo card. The problem was, that those participating would play 1 or 2 games and then either get bored and quit or they never showed up. I think the whole thing was abandoned in the end, and nobody got this Eevee card. Half the people who put their names down for the Tournament never even turned up for a single game.

I would like for there to be an Achievement for obtaining this Eevee Promo.
It could be as simple as “Collect every evolution of Eevee, including Espeon and Umbreon”
or “Collect every Eevee card including its evolution cards, in career (including dark and light versions)”


Ah yes please. I really want to play pokemon center in rocket on!


@Ruse it would make Venusaur a lot more playable in rocket-on, that’s for sure.


I been wanting to try Energy Trans in Rocket-On career and it always annoyed I could not fully build it due to Pokemon Center being a promo.