Adding an ex format (2003-2007)

it would be fun to add the ex format, which is not really an era you can explore on tcgone. ex format consists of ex r&s to ex power keepers. i think it would be a great addition especailly if other are interested.

The EX era is revered globally as one of the greatest eras of the game. It marked the introduction of Pokémon-EX and is a ton of fun to play. Japan has recently been revisiting this format, hosting informal events, and it looks like they’re having a blast.

An EX format (Ruby & Sapphire – Power Keepers) consists of 17 sets (plus promo cards) that enable a wide variety of deck-building options. I think it would be absolutely awesome to eventually have this format on TCGone.


Would you know which eras are considered the bests besides EX era?

I personally really enjoyed the MD-on era but when BW came it got such a power creep that the game became not as fun. MD-on got rid of claydolfest, made Lv.Xs actually good and prevalent with SP stuff while introducing strong tanky stuff to compete with SPs in HGSS era.

Formats are no different than music, food, etc. in that everyone has their own preferences, but the EX era seems to be pretty universally liked. I did my best to compare and rate all the eras/block formats of the game as objectively as I could. You can check that out here:

I want the ex format to be added so bad, it is so fun to play it’s a shame we can’t play it now but I hope it will be added on tcg-one one day.

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