Add ELO-rating or something similar

It would be nice if there was a leaderboard based on how much people win.
The current system depends on playing a lot of games to place well on the leaderboards, but especially in career there are often no one to play against for long periods of time.
No matter how good a player you are it’s impossible to aim for the top spots on the leaderboard without sitting around several hours a day wating for career opponents.

A rating system would change that, since you can get a good rating from a few games as long as you win them all.
Winning against people with good rating should increase your rating more than if you win against people with low rating.

I’m not saying we should get rid of the current system, since some players have worked years to attain the score they have there, but make it in addition to the current one.

Totally agree here. Would be nice to have ELO alongside total accumulated points. Some players on the top 10 lifetime earners also greatly benefited from the old “bits” system where a forfeited match gave you 5-7 bits within the first few turns of the game instead of 1. Occasional ELO reset would also give players that don’t heavily grind for the week/month leaderboards something to work for as each match will have more weight than just how much ink is recieved.

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